Protesters turn out in Brooklyn for another night to speak out against police brutality

Memorial over where something was burned on Dekalb Ave. (Photo by Alejandra O’Connell-Domenech)


Protesters continued to hit the streets of New York City Monday and speak out against police brutality two weeks after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police.

The previous 8 p.m. curfew was officially lifted a day early on June 7, which now allows protesters to not be restricted. Protests tonight have been mainly peaceful, with officers spotted on mopeds to keep an eye on the situation.



Protesters gathered at the Barclays Center after assembling near the 88th Precinct in Brooklyn. The started out small but began to grow, with protesters coming from Atlantic Avenue and other surrounding streets.

One protester was arrested at the Barclays Center, however other protesters began to shout at police for peace or to release her.

Before leaving to march through Brooklyn, crowds called once again for Mayor de Blasio to resign, saying that he “has to go”.

The protesters then began to go on the move and headed down the streets. The marchers were accompanied by bagpipes and drums as they moved east on DeKalb Avenue.

Another protester was spotted doing a one-woman sit-in in the middle of Dekalb and Casson:


Another man came and began to criticize the protest at the same intersection: