Red Cross grants

On June 30 The American Red Cross September 11 Recovery Program announced the allocation of $50 million to be given in grants to programs devoted to supporting the long-term recovery of people impacted directly by Sept. 11.

The funds will be drawn from the Liberty Disaster Relief Fund, which is devoted to the needs of those suffering both short-term and long-term effects caused by the attack. The grants will be administered by the Rockefeller Philanthropy Agency with all final award decisions made by the Red Cross.

Though not drawn from the $50 million, the Red Cross has already given $1.5 million to the World Trade Center Health Effects Treatment Program at The Mount Sinai Medical Center and $ 1.2 million to Trial Lawyers Care – which aids families in applying to the Victims Compensation Fund – from the Liberty Fund. Those programs are good examples of the kind of organizations that would be served by the Rockefeller administered grants, said Bruce Brodoff, a Red Cross spokesperson.

The Red Cross considers the initial allocation a minimum amount and will re-asses the situation a year from now, possibly adding to the $50 million, Brodoff added. The grants will be awarded on a cycle basis, with the second call for proposals occurring in the spring of 2005. For more information, call (877) 746-4987 or visit www.redcross.org/september11/help.

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