Revel adding a fleet of 50 Teslas to NYC streets for new rider-share program

Image courtesy of Revel

A fleet of 50 new electric Teslas will be added to the crowded streets of New York City in the next month as part of a new rideshare program from Revel, which New Yorkers know by their rental mopeds.

In late May, the company says the people below 42nd Street in Manhattan will be able to hail a blue Tesla for pickups and dropoffs within that area before Revel begins expanding in phases to give New Yorkers a zero-emissions alternative to cabs and other rideshares.

“Cities like New York don’t need another company promising electric fleets in 2030 – they need companies delivering now,” Revel CEO Frank Reig said. “Revel is building a platform to electrify cities, and rideshare is a key part of it.”

This plan, announced Wednesday, will push the company toward its goal of creating a “fast-charging Superhub” network in the city and with the environmental benefits, Revel COO and Co-Founder Paul Suhey believes the choice for those looking for a car service will be a “no-brainer” in their favor.

Moreover, drivers operating the Teslas will not be independent contractors, they will be employees trained by the company and provided benefits such as healthcare and paid time off.

The customer experience will be a notch above the usual rideshare or cab experience as Revel claims each Tesla Model Y will have extra legroom, the front passenger seat removed from each car, and the ability for passengers to control the temperature and music through a touchscreen. 

A partition will separate the driver from the public and cars will be cleaned on a daily basis.

“The future of our planet depends on the actions we take today. New Yorkers need sustainable transportation options and Revel’s newest rideshare program offers the city tangible ways to reduce its carbon footprint,” Congressman Ritchie Torres, whose district covers the Bronx, said. “Innovative and effective solutions that empower employees while protecting our environment are a win for all.”

Revel believes there will be a waitlist for this new service at first, and is encouraging users to sign up through the app.

The announcement comes two months after Revel announced a new $99 per month e-bike service for New York City and almost a year after their mopeds were taken off the free-ranging vehicle market in July as the company re-examined its safety procedures following the deaths a number of deaths of riders.