Save the date: Women of Wall St. Awards, May 7

BY SCHNEPS STAFF | It’s no secret that the banking and finance industry have always been male-dominated. For that reason, we are proud to present our inaugural Women of Wall Street Awards honoring 25 enterprising women for their professional achievements and influence in the banking, finance and investment communities. Our deserving honorees have cleared the path to success for themselves and, more important, for the young women who will follow them.

Cheryl Casone will host the Women of Wall Street Awards.

“The recipients of the 2019 Women of Wall Street Award will represent an amazing group of female executives,” said Victoria Schneps, president and co-publisher of Schneps Media. “We are so proud to recognize their accomplishments as chief executives, community leaders, role models and mentors to other women and girls. We look forward to shining the spotlight on them at our inaugural Women of Wall Street Awards in May.”

All of our honorees demonstrate a high and quantifiable contribution to their company, in addition to supporting, encouraging and advancing other women within their organization.

The “Fearless Girl” staring down the “Charging Bull” embodies the spirit of the Women of Wall Street Awards and of women excelling in a male-dominated business environment by “taking it by the horns.” (File photo)

If you have a friend or colleague you’d like to nominate for this prestigious recognition, you can fill out our form online here: www.schnepsmedia.com/WOWSnominate.

Nomination criteria:

  • Nominee’s organization must have business or affiliates in New York;
  • Nominee has shown excellence in her industry, sector or field in recent years;
  • Nominee demonstrates a high and quantifiable contribution to her company;
  • Nominee guides, supports and encourages the promotion/advancement of women.

Winners will be honored at a celebratory awards gala on the evening of Tues., May 7, 2019, at Battery Gardens in New York City. The event will be hosted by Cheryl Casone, co-anchor of Fox Business Network’s “FBN AM.” Join us to celebrate these amazing women and their accomplishments, network with like-minded individuals, and give women a platform to have their voices heard as they push toward diversity and gender parity in banking and finance.

WOW! The Women of Wall Street Awards will be honoring fearless leaders.

For more information on tickets for the 2019 Women of Wall Street Awards, visit www.schnepsmedia.com/WOWS2019 .

If you are interested in learning more about event programming and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Jasmin Freeman at 718-260-4512 or jfreeman@schnepsmedia.com .