Scoopy’s Notebook


Dorm doings: David Kramer of The Hudson Companies tells us meetings have been going well between his development group and members of the St. Ann’s Committee on the 26-story, 700-student New York University dormitory Hudson Companies plans to build on E. 12th St. on the former St. Ann’s Church site. “They want to talk about design and bulk and massing,” Kramer said of the neighbors. “We’re talking about different alternatives — some of them what they suggested. They had some ideas to push the building forward [in some places] and push the building back [in other places]…to look at its footprint really.” Asked if Hudson Companies and N.Y.U. still intend to construct the building to the full floor-to-area ratio allowance, Kramer said, “That’s one of the things we’re looking at…. That’s been our plan and we need to see what modifications we can consider that’ll be more or less palatable to the group.” He said there have been “one-on-one meetings” with neighbors, and that another large meeting will be held in two weeks.

Her favorite mistake: Linda Rosenthal has atoned for her greatest sin — dating Scott Stringer. Rosenthal made the “terrible mistake” of dating the new borough president two decades ago, but it is time she is forgiven for her crime, Stringer told Scoopy, shortly after he endorsed her for his old job in the State Assembly. “She made a terrible mistake many years ago and has since mended her ways,” he said, adding that the years she spent toiling for Congressmember Jerrold Nadler served as a fitting purgatory and should repair any damage she might have unleashed upon the world by being his gal pal. “Don’t hold it against her,” he told us. The assemblymember wannabe, however, is less than thrilled that New York magazine attributed her former beau’s endorsement to their previous relationship. “I’m not sure if they would have talked about a man being endorsed by his girlfriend like this,” she said. “It’s just someone trying to find gossip in this race.” Rosenthal, considered the front-runner for the Upper West Side seat, secured endorsements from The New York Times, Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer — without dating any of them.

Coming home: Community Board 2 is hoping to return its full board meetings to St. Vincent’s hospital’s Cronin Auditorium on W. 12th St. soon, after a forced hiatus of several years brought about after a rowdy meeting of gay youth from FIERCE! and residents erupted in a near-donnybrook and freaked out St. Vincent’s administrators. However, Arty Strickler, the board’s district manager, said they’re going to hold off the homecoming until April because there are “two full-moon-type items on next month’s [full-board] agenda.” On March 6, FIERCE! members are expected to turn out in force for a Parks and Waterfront Committee meeting on crowd-control tactics being planned for gay youth who stream onto Christopher St. after the Hudson River Park’s 1 a.m. curfew. Next month’s full-board meeting — which will have the gay youth/park issue from the committee on the agenda — will be held at 75 Morton St., Strickler said.

Sightings: Ralph Lauren breezing into Giorgione restaurant on Spring St. during Fashion Week sporting a sea green blazer and leather pants and trailed by “an entourage of underlings,” according to one of our spies…. Shaggy, the perennial party crasher, crashing the “It’s Not Me, It’s You” book party at Sweet and Vicious in Noho last week. When Shaggy asked author Anna Jane Grossman if she would give him one of her books gratis so he could write about the breakup book, she said, “For 18 bucks you can write whatever you want.”

N.Y.U. offline: Scoopy hears hackers have gotten into N.Y.U.’s Internet system. Students at New York University were recently unable to access their e-mail and Internet. Apparently a hacker has been breaking into the system every seven hours and changing the passwords. “We had to do a live newscast with no Teleprompters or access to the A.P. newswire,” said one journalism student.