Scoopy’s Notebook



Photo by Tequila Minsky

Raptor watchers in rapt fascination

Hawk gazers have been riveted in Washington Square Park for the past few weeks, ever since Pip, the new baby red-tailed hawk born May 6, took her first flight from her nest on the 12th-floor ledge of New York University’s Bobst Library. Her proud and voracious, squirrel- and pigeon-eating parents are Violet and Bobby.

Detoxin’ music mogul:

Recently, Laurie Mittelmann, who interned with us in the summer of 2008, shared the following. We’ve inserted some explanatory notes in brackets for those who might not be hip-hop vegans or hip to the vegan and/or hip-hop scenes: “I was eating dinner at Kate’s Joint [at Fourth St. and Avenue B] and saw a black Rolls-Royce pull up to the entrance. [Super-rich, hip-hop entrepreneur] Russell Simmons emerged with a young woman, and they turned into the restaurant. He mentioned to the woman that he ate there often. The waitress seated them quickly, and they both used their phones during the dinner. At one point, their driver entered with a large white plastic bag. He handed Russell and the woman bottles of green detox juice, which they clinked and drank with their meals. The next afternoon, I saw Kate at the restaurant and asked her about her famous patron. She said that he comes often, and once requested the recipe for his favorite dish, the Southern-fried un-chicken cutlet. He wanted his private chef to prepare it home, but Kate wouldn’t give him the recipe. He also asked several times if he could buy whole Kate’s Joint cheesecakes to eat at home with his friends. She sold it to him once, but refused other times because she wouldn’t have any to serve her customers in the restaurant. Russell Simmons is often interviewed about his vegan food choices. I don’t think he is actually vegan, because he eats fish every once in a while, but he mostly follows the diet. I was eating in Viva Herbal Pizzeria [on Second Ave. between 11th and 12th Sts.] two weeks ago and noticed an article hanging on the wall that mentioned Russell’s affinity for green juices.”


An article in last week’s issue on Adam Romanowski incorrectly referred to him as a funeral director at Greenwich Village Funeral Home, when, in fact, he is an administrative assistant there. We sincerely apologize to Peter DeLuca, the funeral home’s owner, for the error. Also, the style of music Romanski and his band play is progressive. … An article two weeks ago on the challenges faced by St. Mark’s Bookshop incorrectly identified a manager as David Russo. His first name is Michael. … In last week’s issue, due to an editing error, the photo caption in an article on FIERCE’s efforts to get a 24-hour, gay youth, drop-in center in the West Village had an inaccuracy. The caption stated that FIERCE youth members recently screened “To Wong Foo” and “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” on the Greenwich Village waterfront. While they, in fact, did watch “To Wong Foo,” the other movie was “Milk.”