See it: Mass party in Times Square celebrates Israel’s 73rd Independence Day

A child raises the Israeli flag.
Photo by Dean Moses

It was a party the likes of which Times Square hasn’t seen since President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were elected to office in November.

 On Sunday, hundreds flocked to the heart of New York City where they celebrated Israel’s 73rd Independence Day. Times Square’s usual glow of burning red neon was replaced with blue and white, as hundreds of revelers danced to Israeli music, waving their nation’s flag with uninhibited glee. See all the captivating moments from this visually stunning affair.

A belly dancer sways her hips, entrancing spectators. Photo by Dean Moses

 A parade of cars honked their horns, confetti shot through the air, belly dancers swayed their hips and live drummers banged their instruments filling the air with life and music.

True to Times Square’s reputation, costumed crusaders joined in the revelry alongside belly dancers. Photo by Dean Moses
Chalk graffiti allowed revelers to show their support of the Israeli Independence day celebration. Photo by Dean Moses

From New York to Los Angeles, the New York Israeli-American Council (IAC) hosted a festive celebration including, 73 balloons, street chalk graffiti, and a video commemorating the whole affair played on the Thomson Reuters’ digital display.

In hopes of regaining a semblance of normalcy, the event welcomed everyone of all ages. Some came dressed in blue and white attire and yarmulkes, while others simply draped themselves in the Israeli flag. Children were entertained with balloon artists and stilt walkers, and even adults were able to chime in as they joined dancers with hula hoops. 


Children were given inflatable toys and balloon animals. Photo by Dean Moses 
Guests waved American and Israeli flags with pride. Photo by Dean Moses

As the music pumped and dancers let loose, inevitably masks came down and social distancing was thrown out the window, although volunteers with the IAC distributed masks of their own to the growing crowd.

Masks and social distancing were cast aside as the celebration wore on. Photo by Dean Moses
Uninhibited from masks, attendees threw their hands in the air and began to dance. Photo by Dean Moses
Happy 73rd Israel Independence Day. Photo by Dean Moses

Caricatures of Herzel, David Ben Gurion, and Golda were the life of the party, as they bobbled their heads and posed with attendees.

Children were greeted by caricatures, who gave them high-fives as they walked by. Photo by Dean Moses
A white Pomeranian named Kiss was certainly the life of the party. Photo by Dean Moses

One pet, Kiss, a white Pomeranian, also participated in the revelry donning white and blue clothes, and posing for pictures with attendees. 

The ceremony was set to culminate with a live-stream broadcast of a Jerusalem concert featuring Idan Raichel Project, Rami Kleinstein, T-Slam, and Sarit Hadad. The event appeared to be a much needed respite from a tumultuous year for celebrants. 

Times Square lit up with white and blue colors. Photo by Dean Moses
It was a jubilant affair. Photo by Dean Moses

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