Street closes after small sinkhole and gas odor raises concerns in the East Village

East 10th Street between Avenue A and B was blocked off due to a small sinkhole.
Photo by Dean Moses

East 10th Street between Avenue A and B, just along Tompkins Square Park, was sealed off from traffic Thursday morning due to the sudden appearance of a small skink hole.

A small sinkhole formed on the roadway on East 10th Street. Photo by Dean Moses

The modest crater was first relayed around 10 a.m. on Jan. 7 along with a report of an odor of gas in the area. The original address of this incident was reported at 346 East 10th Street. Con Edison was on the scene to investigate the gas line beneath the sinkhole.

Con Edison and NYPD were on the scene investigating the sinkhole report. Photo by Dean Moses

FDNY and NYPD officials also arrived on the scene and—despite the sinkhole’s small size—immediately restricted access to the street over fears of the sinkhole growing worse. Officers remained at both of the street’s entry points, blocking incoming traffic from entering the area.

According to FDNY sources, a sinkhole, even a small one can prove dangerous if a car, or even a person could possibly fall in if the ground is unstable.

While the cause of the sinkhole is not yet known, the Depart of Environmental Protection said that they inspected both the water and sewer infrastructure, which they found be in correct working order.

Representatives from Con Edison were also on the scene, inspecting a high-pressure gas line beneath the sinkhole.            

An NYPD cruiser blocks traffic while Con Edison investigates. Photo by Dean Moses