The Harrison, Ari Bokovza

Ari Bokovza
Ari Bokovza

Ari Bokovza, Chef
The Harrison
355 Greenwich St.

Dish served?
I am serving Moroccan Spiced Carrots, a dish that showcases the natural sweetness of carrots as well as offers a great cultural fusion of Moroccan and Italian flavors.
Beverage/dish pairing?
I would pair it with a wine that could hold up to the sweetness from the carrots, the heat from the spices and the creamy earthiness from the cheese such as a Burgundy or Cali Pinot Noir.

Who taught you to cook?
Gary Robbins taught me how to make stock. I find that young cooks want to jump to the “cool” stuff without truly having an understanding of the fundamentals.

Favorite food growing up?
Schnitzel, as it was probably the only thing my mother could cook.

Splurge utensil?
A great knife!

Common mistake?
Not showing up on time or plating before they taste a dish.

Cooking injury?
The hangovers were probably more painful than the cuts and burns.

Last meal?
Being that I’m allergic to crustaceans, I would have to go with a Jurassic size lobster and drink the drawn butter that comes with it.