This ain’t no disco: Trader Joe’s coming to N.Y.U. Palladium dorm

Trader Joe’s, a sort of “Whole Foods for the granola set,” plans to open a new supermarket in currently vacant retail space in New York University’s Palladium residence hall on E. 14th St. near Third Ave. sometime this winter, the Washington Square News, N.Y.U.’s student newspaper reports.

The California-based chain is known as a “value-priced gourmet food market” and is popular with vegans, vegetarians and the health conscious. This will be its first New York City location.

John Beckman, university spokesperson, told W.S.N., “It’s important the store be a good fit for New York University and for the vibrant Union Square community. Trader Joe’s will be the right fit.”

The store adds to 14th St.’s plethora of upscale gourmet markets, from Whole Foods Market and Garden of Eden to Balducci’s, set to open soon on Eighth Ave.