Tiffany Trump’s RNC speech has people comparing her to Hannah Montana

What happened to Hannah Montana after she took off her wig and revealed herself to the world as Miley Stewart (aka Cyrus)? She took on a third persona known as Tiffany Trump, apparently.

Donald Trump was really proud of his daughter after she delivered her speech at the Republican National Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday. He tweeted about her “confidence and poise.” But, the rest of Twitter seemed to be distracted by what social media is calling a striking resemblance to the Disney Channel character.

Her long blonde hair and voice sent social media into a wave of nostalgia, convinced Trump’s 22-year-old daughter is actually a real-life pop star in disguise.

Tiffany has dabbled in the music industry in the past. She recorded a single, “Like a Bird”, in 2011.

Is that enough to convince the nation she’s moments away from revealing she’s actually a brunette with a different last name? Here’s what social media is saying.