Tribeca Drive-In


For three nights, April 27 through April 29, the Tribeca Film Festival adds an outdoor screen to its programming for its free “Tribeca Drive-In” program. Last year, as the sun set along the Hudson River, hundreds of movie fans enjoyed Monty Python, “Saturday Night Fever” and “Mad Hot Ballroom.” This year, the program will feature “9 to 5” and “Word.life” in addition to the special short film presentation, Tropfest@Tribeca (below). Visit tribecafilmfestival.org for more info.


Every year, more than 150,000 people gather in Australia for Tropfest (pictured above), the world’s largest short film festival. This year, the festival from Down Under crosses both hemispheres and continents for a special presentation on April 28th, during this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Eight shorts, considered the “best of Tropfest,” will join eight new shorts made specifically for the Tribeca version of Tropfest, which will compete for prizes including thousands of dollars and professional film editing software. Tropfest@Tribeca will screen as part of the “Tribeca Drive-In” on April 28th; admission is free.

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