Can you hear them from the top of the business mountain? Good.

Verizon was the number one publicly-traded New York company last year, with more than $131 billion in sales, according to data from SEC filings. The communications company, which employs 177,700 people, made over $17 billion in profits and was one of the few non-finance companies to make the top 20.

JPMorgan Chase came in second, with sales of $101 billion.

The publicly-traded companies made a combined $1.18 trillion in sales last year. Here’s the top 10 in annual sales. The top 100 list is available at

Verizon Communications Inc: $131.6 billion

JPMorgan Chase & Co.: $101 billion

Citigroup Inc.: $88.28 billion

Metlife Inc.:$69.95 billion

American International Group Inc.:$58.33 billion

Pfizer Inc.: $48.85 billion

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.: $39.21 billion

Morgan Stanley: $37.89 billion

American Express Co.: $34.44 billion

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.: $28.99 billion