Voting is a family affair in the Bronx

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A mother brings her 19-year-old daughter to vote for the first time at John D. Calandra school in Waterbury-LaSalle.
Alex Mitchell

By Jenna BagcalAlex Mitchell & Jason Cohen

Tales of election day horror have proved to be few and far between in the east Bronx through early Tuesday afternoon as many polling places have yet to even see significant lines.

An adult son who went to vote with his senior parents at John D. Calandra school in Waterbury-LaSalle per a lifelong, family tradition credited the substantial turnouts of early voting for what he and his family described as a fast and easy morning at the polls.

One mother, who brought her 19-year-old daughter for her first ever vote said they elected to vote in person so she could “feel what it’s like” to literally participate in democracy and make a personal statement by literally and tangibly voting on what is a historic election day.

Another woman, Amanda S. said she was on the fence about voting in a “bad or worse” election before entering into the school on Tuesday morning, but ultimately came around in hopes that national unity is to come in the next few weeks.

Each of those parties said that their two biggest local issues were safety amidst months of ongoing gun violence and other crime peaks along with creating economic resurgence in the Bronx – particularly the Throggs Neck and Pelham Bay areas.

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