Workers at Brooklyn scrap yard in ‘explosive situation’ after finding dynamite in the debris

NYPD Arson and Explosion Units on scene at Gershow Recycling after finding stick of dynamite in scrap pile. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)

Workers picking through a pile of scrap metal found what police believe is an old stick of dynamite discarded in debris at a recycling yard in Brooklyn Thursday afternoon.

Police say employees of Gershow Recycling at 1885 Pitkin Avenue, in Brownsville made the discovery at about 12:20 p.m. in a pile of scrap metal. Workers spotted the stick in the debris and immediately called police.

Police from the 73rd Precinct and emergency service officers determined they had an explosive situation, so they called for the Bomb Squad to come with their containment vessel.

Detectives retrieved the stick and safely deposited it into the containment vessel for proper disposal.

It was not known where the dynamite originated, but police believe it may have been formerly used for construction demolition.

Bomb Squad units at Gershow Recycling after stick of dynamite found. (Photo by Lloyd Mitchell)