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Officials report COVID-19 positivity rate of 5.32%

A man wearing a protective face mask walks past an illustration of a virus outside a regional science centre, as the city and surrounding areas face local restrictions in an effort to avoid a local lockdown being forced upon the region, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Oldham, Britain August 3, 2020.
REUTERS/Phil Noble

City officials reported 2,614 new and potential new cases of the virus on Thursday, a slight dip from yesterday’s numbers. 

For weeks the number of new cases of the virus have steadily gone up promoting a second system-wide shutdown of public schools and worrying officials that a second wave of the virus as reached New York City. 

“We are dealing with a challenge right now… get tested, wear a mask, practice social distancing, do not travel, avoid indoor gatherings,” said Mayor de Blasio. “We keep doing all of that we are going to get this number down.” De Blasio added that the city is now able to conduct up to 120,000 COVID-19 tests a day. 

On Thursday, City Hall reported that 185 New York City residents were admitted to a hospital with suspected COVID-19 symptoms on Tuesday. Since the pandemic reached New York City, City Hall has released several daily coronavirus indicators to help gauge the status of the virus across the five boroughs all with a two-day lag. 

Mayor Bill de Blasio added that the hospitalization rate in the city is now 2.41 out of 100,000 people based on a seven-day rolling average and that 5.32% of New York City residents are testing positive for the virus on a seven-day average. 






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