Elderly pedestrian struck by truck on Union Square

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Witnesses speak with the man while as first responders rush onto the scene.
Photo by Dean Moses

An 81-year-old was hit by a delivery truck while crossing the street in Union Square.  

An elderly man was crossing the corner of East 14th Street and Broadway at around 1:38 p.m. on Monday, May 17 when a white box truck struck him.

A large crowd gathered around the bustling intersection in front of Capital One Bank as the elderly man was sprawled along the bus lane bleeding profusely from his face. The driver remained on the scene as several individuals called 911; he was visibly shaken.

EMTs fix a neck brace to the 81 year old. Photo by Dean Moses

Jacqueline Cuen heard the screeching of wheels and upon seeing the injured man she called 911.

“He was alive and still moving all of his limbs when I saw him,” said Cuen, describing seeing blood on his head and on his hands. 

Officers from the 6th Precinct and Emergency Medical Services were immediately on the scene to tend to the victim. EMS strapped a neck brace on the senior citizen and members of the NYPD assisted in placing him on a stretcher.

As the driver shared his version of the incident with police, some individuals who witnessed the incident heckled the driver shouting, “You killed him! You’re going to outlive him.” 

NYPD and EMTs work together to left the man onto a stretcher. Photo by Dean Moses

The victim was taken to a local hospital; however, the extent of his injuries are currently unknown.

Police did not arrest the driver.


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