Brian Davis of the Beach 41st Street Cornerstone Community Center: Q&A

The center offers a range of activities.

Brian Davis was raised across the street from the Beach 41st Street Cornerstone Community Center, which is now run by the Child Center of New York. Davis said he used to hang at the community center after school as a child. He now serves his community as the centeras assistant director.


What’s special about this community center?

I think we’ve done a great job impacting the community. We serve about 100 to 150 people a day. Our programs are free and they include homework help, dance classes, arts and crafts and a weight and game room where the adults can play bingo and card games.


How would you describe Far Rockaway residents?

I think there’s a family atmosphere here. We’ve been through a lot with [Superstorm] Sandy and some people are still recovering from it, but still after all of that people here come together and help one another.


How have you seen the neighborhood change in your lifetime?

There wasn’t a lot to do here when I was growing up, but now there’s a Police Athletic League, there’s a handball and basketball court by the beach. A lot of people feel the community has been forgotten about and that there aren’t enough resources, but it’s starting to become a thriving community.

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