Q&A with Michael Benjamin: President of Bergen Beach Civic Association

“The neighborhood is the kind of place that inspires long-term commitment in many residents.”

Michael Benjamin took over as president of Bergen Beach Civic Association two years ago when former prez Flo Hirsch stepped down from the job after 29 years. The neighborhood, Benjamin said, is the kind of place that inspires long-term commitment in many residents. Benjamin added that the volunteer position is like a full time job, and even though his hands are full with a family and a job as a policy analyst, the effort is worth it for the neighborhood he loves so much.
What makes this area unique?
Bergen Beach is both a modern neighborhood with truly unique and beautiful homes, yet it also remains an old-school traditional Brooklyn neighborhood. By that I mean that people look out for their neighbors and especially for elderly residents on their block. People look forward to not only raising their children here but also retiring and remaining in the neighborhood.
Why do people want to live here?
Bergen Beach is a unique blend of urban and suburban-style living right in the heart of Brooklyn. People may not have three acres behind their homes but whatever they have is their little paradise.
What is your favorite memory from the area?

Recently, Bergen Beach hosted the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at the John Malone Center. The Bergen Beach, Mill Basin and Marine Park chapter brought out hundreds of residents who were able to reflect upon their loved ones impacted one way or another by cancer. It was one of the most moving community events one could imagine.

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