Q&A with Scott Schneider, co-owner of Ramona

Scott Schneider is a co-owner of Ramona in Greenpoint.
Scott Schneider is a co-owner of Ramona in Greenpoint. Photo Credit: Jeremy Bales

Scott Schneider co-owns Ramona, a cocktail bar that opened at 113 Franklin St. in January. Schneider also co-owns Elsa, another cocktail bar in the East Village.

Why open in Greenpoint?

We’ve always been big fans of Greenpoint, I personally spend more time in Brooklyn hanging out in this area. I’ve lived in Greenpoint for a few years now. It’s a pretty up-and-coming area. It’s really beautiful, it’s right by the water, there’s a lot of friends who have businesses in this area as well for us.

How is it different here than in the East Village?

Personally it’s way better [here] because I get to walk to work every day. But the difference [is Greenpoint] is a lot nicer, the neighborhood vibe – you see the same people around here every day. The East Village, the crowd can change from day to day. It’s not as regular as it is over here. It’s just like a slower pace in Greenpoint that’s a lot more comfortable.

What does a bar crowd look like in Greenpoint?

Anyone from their mid-20s- to- 40s; it’s a lot of people who live and work in the neighborhood. There’s a lot of artist studios around here, we definitely get a lot of artist and designers. It’s a very neighborhood crowd.