Best Dog DNA Test of 2023: Top 3 Breed Identifying Dog DNA Tests


Imagine unraveling the mysteries of your mixed-breed pup and understanding the fascinating blend of dog breeds that make up his unique appearance and personality. Imagine being able to identify his potential genetic health risks and get ahead of potential problems for the good of his health. 


Wisdom Panel

Rating: 5.0


  • Simple Process
  • 350+ Breeds
  • User-Friendly Portal
  • Excellent Discounts

Special Offer

Wisdom Panel

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Rating: 4.8


  • Screens Health Risks
  • 3 Generation Lineage
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Predictive Health Screening

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Rating: 4.6


  • Detailed Analysis
  • Convenient App
  • Health Risk & Prevalence
  • Wide Breed Coverage

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Well, imagine no more! We live in a wondrous time in which dog DNA tests exist, with which you can gain a deeper understanding of your furry friend’s genetic makeup, breed composition, health risks, and behavioral traits and make informed decisions about care, training, and overall well-being. 

However, with numerous options flooding the market, choosing the best dog DNA test can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the research for you, analyzing the features and breed and health screenings of various dog DNA tests to compile a list of the top contenders. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive review of the leading DNA tests available today, equipping you with the knowledge to select the test that best aligns with your specific needs and curiosity. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey into the realm of DNA testing and discover which test will unlock the secrets of your beloved companion.

3 Best Dog DNA Test Choices

1. Wisdom Panel Essential – Best Overall Dog DNA Test

2. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit – Favorite for Dog DNA Test with Health Screening

3. Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test – Top Value Choice

Best Dog DNA Test Choices: In-Depth Reviews

1. Wisdom Panel Essential – Best Overall Dog DNA Test


  • Simple process with comprehensive results
  • 350+ potential breed outcomes
  • User-friendly online DNA results and health portal
  • Excellent discounts available

Product Review

Our review panel conducted a trial of the Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test and found it to exceed our expectations in every category. The Wisdom Panel Essential provided a comprehensive and enlightening experience that left us thoroughly impressed, hence this brand leading our list in first place as the overall best dog DNA test you can obtain directly at home.

The process of using this DNA test was straightforward and user-friendly. The kit arrived with clear instructions and all the necessary components. First, you simply register your kit online using a unique code. Then, you collect your dog’s DNA samples with swabs included in the kit. The swabs were gentle on the dog’s cheek, and the process was quick and stress-free. 

Once the samples were collected, they were sent back to the Wisdom Panel lab using the provided prepaid shipping label. The return process was seamless, providing peace of mind knowing that the dog’s DNA samples were in good hands. In two to three weeks, results are delivered and you can begin the process of rediscovering your best friend in a whole new light!

The Wisdom Panel Essential test also offers a user-friendly online portal where users can access and explore their dog’s results. The interface is intuitive, allowing them to dive deeper into the breed breakdown and health information. The portal also provides access to a community of fellow dog owners, where users can connect with others who have used the Wisdom Panel tests and share experiences and insights.

Breed Analysis

The Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test’s extensive breed analysis is a chief reason it ranks so highly on our list. The test covers over 350 breeds, types, and varieties, allowing users to uncover the unique blend of breeds that make up their dog’s genetic background. 

The results were delivered in a clear and detailed report, showcasing the percentage breakdown of each breed detected in the dog’s DNA. It was fascinating to learn about the various breeds that contributed to the dog’s appearance and personality traits. 

Additionally, the report included a comprehensive breed profile for each detected breed, offering insights into their characteristics, potential health risks, and behavior tendencies. This information proved invaluable in tailoring the dog’s care and training to better suit their specific needs.

Health Screening

Another noteworthy aspect of the Wisdom Panel Essential is its health screening feature. While it does not provide the same level of comprehensive health analysis as some dedicated health-focused dog DNA tests, it does identify potential genetic mutations and markers associated with certain health conditions. 

This health marker information is vital in helping dog owners be proactive about their dog’s health and well-being. By knowing about potential risks early on, they can work closely within the confines of veterinary medicine to monitor and manage any potential health issues.

In terms of accuracy, this test provided highly accurate results. The breed detection aligned well with our review panel’s dogs’ physical appearance and traits. The health screening information was informative, helpful, and honestly quite fun! Who doesn’t adore learning more about the deepest secrets hidden beneath their best friend’s fuzzy exterior?

Regarding either purebred dogs or mixed breeds with an unknown lineage, the test unlocks the secrets hidden within your dog’s DNA, providing valuable insights into your pup’s genetic makeup and helping you tailor your dog’s care accordingly. We highly recommend the Wisdom Panel Essential DNA test for any dog owner looking to establish both reliable breed info and plot the points of healthcare for a long, happy, healthy life for your best friend.

Discounts and Promos

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  • Number of breeds it screens for: 350+
  • Number of health conditions it screens for: 25+
  • Versions or editions available: Three editions: Wisdom Panel Essential, Premium, and Breed Discovery options

2. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit – Favorite for Dog DNA Test with Health Screening


  • Screens for more than 230 health risks
  • Three generations of dog lineage
  • Recognized as a top testing kit by New York Times Wirecutter


  • Separate test editions for veterinarians and breeders

Product Review

In our review team’s evaluation of Embark’s Dog DNA Test Kit, we found the test to be an exceptional offering that exceeded our collective expectations. As a group of dedicated dog owners with a shared interest in unraveling the genetic background of our furry friends, we were thrilled to explore the depths of their DNA with the Embark test. The experience it provided was thought-provoking, especially given Embark’s specialty focus on our dogs’ health and well-being. After all, who doesn’t want to position their best friend for the happiest and healthiest life possible?

The ease of use associated with the Embark DNA test was noteworthy. The easy, three-step kit involved an online registry, a gentle, non-invasive swabbing process, and the shipping of swabs back to the Embark lab. The latter involved the use of prepaid shipping labels, making the entire return process as seamless as the rest.

Embark’s online results and information portal also offered updates on ongoing research and new discoveries, which was surprisingly helpful. This ensured that we remained up-to-date with the latest insights into our dogs’ genetic profiles, as these things grow and change as new tests are added to the ever-growing network. New discoveries and insights are to be expected, and Embark’s process ensures that you get far more than a single set of results, which is not only exciting, but our team felt it built long-term involvement in the process beyond the first experience.

Breed Analysis

One of the standout features of the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit is its extensive breed analysis. Covering over 350 breeds, including both purebred dogs and mixed breeds, the test allowed us to gain precise insight into the genetic makeup of our dogs. 

The results were delivered in detailed reports, presenting the percentage breakdown of each breed detected in our dogs’ DNA. We were amazed by the diverse mix of breeds that contributed to their unique appearances and traits. 

The comprehensive breed information provided in the reports, including health risks, breed history, and personality characteristics, offered valuable insights into our dogs’ heritage and potential predispositions.

Health Screening

In addition to the breed analysis, the Embark Dog DNA Test Kit offered a comprehensive health screening feature that proved crucial to our evaluation. This is indeed where Embark truly shines and sets itself apart from a wide swath of competitor dog DNA tests. 

Our review panel aimed to ensure we were aware of any potential genetic health risks our dogs might face. Embark made this goal easy to reach by screening for over 230 genetic health conditions, covering a wide range of diseases and disorders. 

The results were presented in an easy-to-understand format, highlighting any variants or mutations detected and providing detailed explanations for each condition. This information allowed us to collaborate effectively with veterinary medicine in developing proactive health plans for our dogs’ well-being.

Unique to Embark is the Canine Relative Finder service. In essence, since the Embark network of canine DNA is so vast, more than 90 percent of dogs whose DNA is tested are matched with relatives. This system offers you the opportunity to opt-into the system and potentially connected with your dog’s siblings, parents, or even their own puppies! 

The Embark test also put us at ease by presenting exceptionally accurate results. The breed identification was highly precise, presenting accurate outcomes that matched what we already knew about our dogs and expanding into unknown, and sometimes surprising, territory. The health screening information was thorough and reliable, providing peace of mind in knowing that we had taken proactive steps to ensure our dogs’ health and well-being.

Embark DNA test offers a fascinating journey into your pup’s genetic heritage and a cheat sheet of predictive, eye-opening information related to your dog’s health. Our review panel recommends the Embark test to any dog owner who wishes to unlock the secrets hidden within their dog’s DNA and gain a deeper understanding of their loyal companions with a special focus on the health and well-being of their treasured friend.

Discounts and Promos

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  • Number of breeds it screens for: 350+
  • Number of health conditions it screens for: 230+
  • Versions or editions available: Three editions: Breed ID Test, Breed + Health Test, Breed + Health Test 2-Pack

3. Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test – Top Value Choice


  • Uniquely personalized LifePlan helps you manage your dog’s health beyond the test results
  • Convenient app for viewing and monitoring test results
  • Gives not only potential health risks, but also potential prevalence of each outcome for your specific dog


  • Does not test for wolf or coyote DNA

Product Review

Rounding out our list of the best dog DNA tests is Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test. Our review panel rated Orivet highly due to its role as a reliable and informative tool for uncovering the genetic makeup and health risks of your beloved canine companion. 

Similar to the other two top brands on this list, the process of using the Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA test was simple and hassle-free. Kit activation on the Orivet website is the standard, followed by a collection of your dog’s DNA with swabs inside your pup’s cheek. After allowing the samples to dry for ten minutes, the samples are placed back into the included pouch, not sealed entirely, and mailed back to Orivet’s labs with the included postage package. 

Our review team especially appreciated the clear communication throughout the testing phase, which kept us informed about the progress of our samples.

The results app provided by Orivet for accessing and exploring the test results was user-friendly and informative. It allowed us to dive deeper into the breed breakdown and health information. The app also provided access to educational resources and articles, which enriched our understanding of our dogs’ genetic profiles and helped us make informed decisions about their well-being.

Breed Analysis

One of the standout features of the Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test is its extensive breed database. The test covers a wide range of breeds, including both purebred dogs and mixed-breed canines, allowing for accurate breed identification. The results were presented in a detailed report, providing a breakdown of the detected breeds in the dog’s DNA.

We found the breed analysis to be highly accurate, aligning well with our dogs’ physical appearances and behavioral traits. The report also included a comprehensive breed profile for each detected breed, offering insights into their characteristics, exercise needs, and potential health concerns. This information proved invaluable in tailoring our care and training strategies to meet the specific needs of our dogs.

Health Screening

This Orivet dog DNA test also offers health screening information. This health screening provides useful insights into potential genetic health risks and screens for common genetic mutations associated with specific diseases and conditions, allowing us to be proactive in managing our dogs’ health. We appreciated the inclusion of this feature, as it provided an extra layer of knowledge and awareness to guide our conversations with veterinarians.

In particular, our review team highly valued the presentation of this health info in the Orivet app, as it not only included specific information about health issues but also outlined the potential prevalence of each outcome. This is a key consideration for dog owners trying to ascertain how concerned to be about any number of potential health risks. 

The Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test offers an accurate and comprehensive analysis of a dog’s genetic background. With its extensive breed database, detailed breed analysis, and informative health screening, it provides dog owners with valuable insights into their furry friends’ heritage and potential health considerations. The ease of use and the informative Orivet results app further enhance the overall experience.

Discounts and Promos

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  • Number of breeds it screens for: 350+
  • Number of health conditions it screens for: 250+
  • Versions or editions available: Two editions: Breed ID Test and Breed & Health Test

How We Picked Our Best Dog DNA Tests

To create this list of the best dog DNA tests, we assembled a team of knowledgeable and experienced reviewers who are passionate about dogs and genetics. 

The panel consisted of reviewers, researchers, and dedicated dog enthusiasts who meticulously evaluated various DNA testing options available in the market. Each panelist conducted thorough research, analyzing factors such as accuracy, breed coverage, health screening capabilities, user experience, and customer feedback. They individually tested and reviewed multiple DNA tests, comparing their features, ease of use, and reliability. 

The panelists also took into consideration the reputation and credibility of the testing companies. 

Through extensive discussions and deliberations, the team collaborated to identify the top dog DNA tests that consistently demonstrated high standards of accuracy, comprehensive results, and user satisfaction. This list is the culmination of their collective expertise and represents the most reliable and valuable options for dog owners seeking to unlock the genetic secrets of their beloved canine companions.

What To Look for When Buying Dog DNA Tests

When buying a dog DNA test, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are some important things to look for.

Test accuracy

One of the most critical aspects is the accuracy of the test. Look for a reputable company that has a solid track record of providing reliable and precise results. Read reviews and testimonials from other customers to gauge the accuracy of the test.

Breed coverage

Different DNA tests may have varying databases and coverage of dog breeds. To determine your own dog’s breed mix, ensure that the test you choose covers a wide range of dog breeds, including both purebred dogs and mixed breed dogs, to get comprehensive results.

Health screening

Some dog DNA tests offer additional health screening features that can identify genetic markers for certain diseases or health conditions. If you are interested in knowing the potential health risks for your dog, consider a test that includes health screening.

Sample collection method

Look for a test that provides a user-friendly and non-invasive sample collection method. Just like human DNA tests, cheek swabs are commonly used and should be easy to use for both you and your dog. Avoid tests that require uncomfortable or invasive procedures.

Test turnaround time

Consider the turnaround time for receiving the results. Some tests provide results within a few weeks, while others may take longer. Evaluate if the waiting period fits your needs and expectations.

Customer support and resources

Check if the company offers reliable customer support and additional resources. Look for tests that provide detailed reports and access to an online portal where you can explore your dog’s results and gain more information about dog breeds, genetic traits, and health conditions.

Cost and value

Evaluate the price of the DNA test in relation to the features and services it provides. Compare different options to find a test that offers good value for your investment.

Privacy and data security

Consider the privacy and data security measures taken by the company. Ensure that your dog’s genetic information will be handled securely and that your privacy is protected.

By considering these factors, you can make a well-informed decision when purchasing the best dog DNA test for your specific needs that provides accurate and valuable insights into your furry friend’s genetic background.

What Can a Dog DNA Test Tell You About Your Dog?

A canine DNA test can provide you with various insights and information about your dog’s genetic background. Here are some key things that dog DNA tests can tell you.

Breed identification & composition

One of the primary purposes of a dog DNA test is for breed identification to determine the breed composition of your dog. It can identify the different breeds present in your dog’s genetic makeup, including both purebred and mixed breed dogs. This information can help you understand why your dog looks and behaves the way it does.

Ancestral origins

Similar to human DNA tests, a dog DNA test can trace your pup’s ancestral origins and provide details about the regions or countries from which their ancestors originated. It can reveal the geographical roots of your dog’s breed mix and provide interesting insights into their heritage.

Breed-specific traits

DNA testing can shed light on specific breed traits that may be present in your dog. This can include physical characteristics, temperament, and behaviors commonly associated with certain breeds. Understanding these traits can assist in tailoring training, exercise, and overall care to meet your dog’s specific needs.

Health information

Some dog DNA kits offer health screening features that can identify genetic health markers for certain diseases or health conditions. These tests can provide insights into potential health risks that your dog may be predisposed to, allowing you to take proactive steps in their healthcare and monitoring.

Size and weight predictions

DNA tests can often provide estimates or predictions about your dog’s adult size and weight. This information can be helpful, especially if you have a mixed-breed puppy and are unsure about how large they may grow.

Parentage verification

In cases where the parentage of a dog is uncertain, DNA testing can help confirm the parentage and establish a dog’s lineage, some even being able to identify purebred dogs.

Behavioral insights

While not as prominent as breed identification, some DNA tests may provide behavioral insights associated with specific breeds. This can give you an idea of the natural tendencies and characteristics your dog may possess based on their genetic heritage.

By providing you with a deeper understanding of your dog’s genetic makeup, a DNA test can offer valuable insights into their breed composition, ancestry, health risks, and behavioral tendencies. This information can assist you in providing the best care, training, and overall well-being for your furry companion.

How To DNA Test Your Dog

  1. Choose a DNA Test Kit: Research and select reputable dog DNA test kits from a reliable provider. Consider factors such as accuracy, breed coverage, health screening options, and customer reviews.
  2. Purchase the Test Kit: Order the DNA test kit online or from a local retailer. Ensure that the kit includes clear instructions, sample collection materials (usually cheek swabs), and prepaid shipping supplies for returning the samples to the testing laboratory.
  3. Register the Kit: Some DNA test kits require you to register your kit online before use. Follow the provided instructions to create an account and register your kit using the unique code provided.
  4. Collect the DNA Sample: Carefully read and follow the instructions for collecting the DNA sample from your dog. Typically, this involves gently swabbing the inside of your dog’s cheek with the provided swabs for a specified amount of time. Ensure that the swabs are properly labeled to avoid any mix-ups.
  5. Package and Ship the Samples: Once the DNA samples are collected, securely package them as instructed. Place the swabs in the provided containers or envelopes, ensuring they are sealed properly. Attach any necessary shipping labels or forms and send the package back to the testing laboratory using the prepaid shipping supplies.
  6. Wait for Results: The testing laboratory will analyze the DNA samples and generate the results. The turnaround time varies depending on the test provider, ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months. Keep in mind that some companies offer expedited processing for an additional fee.
  7. Receive and Review Results: Once the results are ready, you will typically receive them via email or through an online portal associated with the DNA test. Take the time to review and understand the results, including the breed breakdown, health information (if applicable), and any other insights provided.

An optional final step may be to seek professional interpretation. If you have difficulty interpreting the results or have further questions (especially about any particularly concerning or risky outcomes), we suggest that you consult with a veterinarian or a geneticist who specializes in dog genetics. They can help explain the findings and provide guidance based on the information obtained.

Remember to carefully follow the instructions provided with your specific DNA test kit, as the process may vary slightly depending on the provider.

How Long Does a Dog DNA Test Take?

The duration of a dog DNA test can vary depending on the provider and the specific test you choose. Typically, the time it takes to receive the results is influenced by factors such as the laboratory’s workload, shipping time for the samples, and the complexity of the analysis. 

In general, most dog DNA test companies provide an estimated turnaround time for results on their websites or in the kit instructions. This can range from a few weeks to a couple of months. Some companies offer expedited processing for an additional fee, which can shorten the wait time.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are estimated time frames, and actual processing times may vary. Factors such as holidays, high testing volumes, or unforeseen laboratory issues could potentially impact the turnaround time.

If you have specific time constraints or concerns about the duration of the test, it’s advisable to check with the DNA test provider directly to get a more accurate estimate based on their current processing times.

Running with the Big Dogs of Dog DNA Testing 

The world of dog DNA kits has opened up exciting possibilities for dog owners to uncover the genetic mysteries of our trusty companions. With a myriad of options available, it’s important to choose the best dog DNA test that suits your needs and provides accurate and valuable insights. 

Here, we have highlighted some of the best dog DNA tests on the market today. But ultimately, the best dog DNA test for you will depend on your specific requirements, such as identifying dog breeds, health screening, or curiosity about your dog’s ancestry. 

We encourage you to carefully evaluate the features, accuracy, and customer feedback of each test before making your decision to get the best results. Here’s to your journey to find the best path to health, well-being, and genetic ancestry of your beloved companion and your own insight and peace of mind!

Summary of the Best Recommended Dog DNA Tests

1. Wisdom Panel Essential – Best Overall Dog DNA Test

2. Embark Dog DNA Test Kit – Favorite for Dog DNA Test with Health Screening

3. Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test – Top Value Choice