21 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers to Double the Viewers and Earning


Boosting your presence on TikTok is a difficult task even with pre-existing social media influence. When push comes to shove, resorting to sites that allow you to buy TikTok followers and likes can be the easiest option.

Certain websites can take your user engagement on multiple social media platforms to another level. The TikTok algorithm will take notice of the increased like count and overall interaction with all of your posts. More users will end up seeing your quality content, resulting in more natural followers and likes.

The top authority sites like US Magazine, Mens Journal, Buffalo News, ABC15, State Journal, and Economic Times mentioned #1 site for TikTok services is Social Viral.

Like most social media platforms, Tiktok will recognize quality content with the most likes from accounts with lots of followers. Your posts will rocket upwards naturally as more followers spread awareness.

We’ve put together the 21 best sites to get real TikTok followers.

1. Social-viral.com

Social-Viral is one of the best places to buy TikTok followers and likes. This site ranks at the top of our list because of how quickly and effectively this social media marketing company can boost your social media popularity when you buy TikTok followers.

Many service providers can have confusing processes that keep you from buying quality followers. Social-Viral boasts a lightning-fast set of services meant for near-instant delivery.

They harness in-depth knowledge of the TikTok algorithm to ensure you buy TikTok followers and likes that will bring the most attention to your account.

Social-Viral.com is one of the best sites to buy TikTok followers. Learning how to buy followers on TikTok is easy with this site. 

The social media marketing services company does not ask for extra information or have a lengthy sign-up process. This TikTok service also offers 24-hour support for any problems or questions you might have.

For the best site to buy Tiktok Followers, Social Viral is highly recommended. 

2. Stormlikes.net

StormLikes started by focusing on boosting people’s presence on Instagram with purchased followers and likes that foster natural engagement. They have recently grown their TikTok packages to instantly deliver likes, followers, and views to your content.

While many companies do not use authentic TikTok followers to make you look popular, Storm Likes guarantees the real deal. They only sell real TikTok followers and likes from authentic TikTok followers and active users. 

Social media marketing has never been this easy. The power of your social media presence is guaranteed while using Storm Likes.

There is no lag between your payment and their services. The moment your payment is processed successfully, the team gets to work on sending TikTok followers and likes to your TikTok profile, immediately boosting your TikTok engagement and helping you work toward TikTok fame!

3. Followers.io

While this social media growth service can not boast the same numbers as either Social-viral.com or Storm Likes, it does give you a comparable number of options. The various follower packages Followers.io cater to TikTok,  Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Followers.io site can also commission high-quality profiles for quickly boosting your online presence.

The website prides its ability to make any interaction with your profile(s) appear as natural as possible for your desired package. You should see full results within three to seven days after purchase.

4. TokMatik

To buy TikTok likes cheaply, there are few nicer options than utilizing TokMatik. Their reliable services come along with smooth client support and a list of over one-thousand returning customers.

This website also can provide one of the largest range of followers of any on our list. While all packages come with high-quality and legitimate followers, you’re able to customize the amount from as few as 100 to as many as 5,000 in one transaction.

5. Flatfitty

Flatfitty is a great example of a platform to buy TikTok followers cheap and fast.

While it doesn’t have the same customization options that many of its competitors can boast, it’s hard to find a company with the same understanding of specific celebrity niches on TikTok.

TikTok users are capable of understanding when artificial followers and inflation are present, but thanks to Flatfitty’s understanding of the platform, you’ll never have to worry about that problem.

From fans to likes to TikTok views, Flatfitty can cater to your needs for lower than a dollar.

6. BuzzVoice

Different social media platforms prioritize unique interactions. For example, different types of content on TikTok thrive more on shares than likes.

BuzzVoice is one of the best places to buy TikTok followers thanks to their understanding of this principle. Social media algorithms value many different types of interaction.

With BuzzVoice, you can inflate exact portions of your profile with authentic ease. Getting more followers, likes, comments, views, and/or shares is well within your grasp thanks to this site.

7. TikFuel

TikFuel is an industry leader in the field of TikTok services. The social media marketing services given by this website can rocket your page from normal levels of engagement to viral stardom in no time flat.

Thanks to some of their service guarantees, you will never see a drop in high-quality TikTok followers and can always reach a support representative 24/7.

The track record of TikFuel speaks for itself, with over 15,000 customers and over nine million delivered followers across the platform.

8. FeedPixel

FeedPixel is a platform created to boost those looking to become the next big creative sensation on their platform of choice.

While they don’t only provide TikTok services as part of their various packages, they have an in-depth understanding of what artists, filmmakers, vloggers, and streamers need to succeed.

As far as TikTok credentials go, FeedPixel has assisted more than 1,200 unique creators to get a boost across the world.

The organic growth plans they offer cover low-end numbers from 100 to 1,000 followers and even include larger bundled packages that can create boosts of over 5,000 fans and more than 20,000 views. 

9. Influboss

Influboss combines organic growth in a mix of fake and real accounts, so you gain lots of engagement. This process will make you TikTok famous, but entirely active TikTok users will foster better results.

While they boast low prices, they charge much more than other sites on this list.

Users still enjoy using this site because the customer service is excellent, and they deliver on the results they promise, even if it’s at a hefty price. Their user-friendly 24/7 service makes it easy to get help if you have any issues when you purchase followers.

10. Trollishly

Trollishly can provide fast fame for low prices regardless of the social media platform you choose to use.

The real views and followers obtained from any of this site’s services don’t fade thanks to being completely legitimate. You can also customize your experience by not only buying TikTok followers and fans, but views, likes, shares, and even mentions or comments.

11. Smmlaboratory

This site is dedicated to social media growth using genuine TikTok followers to foster TikTok fame. They go beyond just offering random followers. You can select what kind of followers you want based on more specific criteria.

That means you can create any type of audience you want! Whether that’s female followers, Brazilian followers, or whatever category you want to hone in on. 

A major aspect of increasing popularity that many sites neglect is the audience you want to curate. Smmlaboratory takes this into account at even the basic levels of their service.

The follower and like increase that leads to TikTok fame is decently fast once you pay, but the speed of their service leaves a little to be desired. Another significant downside: almost every account is a fake follower, a bot, or a not-active TikTok user. 

12. TikRoyal

When you start using Tikroyal’s services, you benefit from some free likes and views thrown in for good measure. This show of good faith will help you decide if all the services this site can offer are a good fit for your brand and personal budget.

The main tenets of Tikroyal are offering instant fame with the start of your growth for cheap prices that remain reliable for as long as you’re a customer. They also prioritize support from their experienced team.

13. Socialboosting

The comprehensive account-boosting services provided by Socialboosting are hard to top. Every aspect of the site’s growth is organic and can show up as fast as minutes after your purchase.

Unfortunately, the prices for this competitive service are much higher than almost any website on our list.

The boutique abilities of this business are no doubt impressive, but you’ll need to take a closer look at their offerings and blog posts to determine if it’s the right fit for your TikTok brand.

14. You-boost

You-boost is all about using a high-quality customer support team to protect your information. They guarantee a secure check-out process and a 24/7 customer support team if you have questions or need assistance to buy followers on TikTok.

They take pride in never asking for your password or information; all they need is the payment and your TikTok username to get you more followers. 

They offer engagement from genuine TikTok followers, although they have modest quantities to provide compared to other services on this list.

They tend to grow follower counts and likes by tens at a time and most hundreds. If you want tens of thousands of high-quality followers, it will cost you a decent amount of money and take some time. 

The slow build approach can make it look like organic growth and entice more real TikTok followers to your TikTok profile, but it depends heavily on your branding strategy.

15. TokUpgrade

With endorsements from more than 11,000 independent agencies and social media influencers across the world, TokUpgrade has quite the impressive pedigree of services.

The site advertises legitimate followers with targeted specialties to work the audience you want. Many other social media marketing services can’t boast this level of targeted follower provision.

TokUpgrade will even go so far as to automatically like posts of people that make content in similar niches to your own. This natural spread of engagement will slowly grow your following beyond the ones you buy.

16. SocialMissile

SocialMissile takes its approach to growing your TikTok account very seriously. Beyond the scope of just introducing new followers or boosting likes, SocialMissile goes through a much more involved process.

From sign-up, you’ll go through consultation and research periods to determine what the best plan is for achieving impactful interactions and the finest results. The site even targets particular industries within TikTok and other social media platforms.

They are experts in promoting music, comedy, dancing, acting, and even more content creators.

17. TokRush

For many TikTok users, just getting more followers isn’t the only thing on your mind. Being more specific in targeting likes, TikTok rankings, comments, shares, and more can be the key to achieving real success on the app.

TokRush approaches user growth in the same way that they recognize the importance of TikTok as an application. The evolution of content consumption is something that many influencers take advantage of, but don’t understand.

This site comprehends the importance of every video published by creators. The services that TokRush.com provides are instant and work to achieve goals specific to your TikTok profile.

18. Socialfansgeek

The social media campaigning that this website can perform for you is rivaled by nearly no other in terms of price. TikTok views, likes, and high-quality followers can be yours for less than a quarter upon signing up with them.

Brand recognition and social media buzz are crucial to the expansion of your account, no matter what you make.

Socialfansgeek seeks to make modern marketing do a lot of the work for you—once you’ve added the appropriate funds, you can collaborate on the campaign that works best for you.

19. Vastlikes

Few other services we’ve listed have as programmatic an approach to increasing your followers, TikTok views, and likes than Vastlikes.com. The various systematic services this website provides shoot for artificial delivery using state-of-the-art automatic processes.

The platform is so advanced, that you can even buy TikTok followers with Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies.

20. Socialboosting

Starting at just $5, you can use Socialboosting to grow your follower count almost instantly. They tend to value quality over quantity. As a result, they deliver organic followers and likes that can work wonders to get you recommended to new users. You can buy legit TikTok followers with very little investment.

It can take considerable time, sometimes weeks, for you to see the desired results. They don’t offer any bundles for TikTok, either.

So if you want followers and likes, you’ll have to buy TikTok followers and TikTok likes in separate packages, making it much more expensive. The set-up process for getting the followers is a seamless and user-friendly experience, thankfully. 

21. Boostyourpresence

Boostyourpresence is an American-based company offering some sense of trust to many users in the US. They sell followers for other social media platforms too. This site is all about quantity, helping you get as many TikTok followers as you want. 

They go well beyond hundreds, boosting your followers and likes into the thousands so you can get TikTok followers to give you attention on the app.

The website provides instant delivery after processing your payment. 

Unlike many of our other listed options, they prioritize quantity over everything else. The quality of followers is often lacking—many of the followers and users that give you likes will be fake accounts or bots, making it obvious to real TikTok users that you have purchased engagement.


Some often-asked questions when buying TikTok followers and likes are important to understand before searching for the right website.

In addition to having a good understanding of the available options, it can also be helpful to learn more about how TikTok works behind the scenes.

Does it matter if followers are from real or fake accounts?

Having an energizing boost from fake followers, bots, or inactive accounts is good in the short term but can lead to a decline later on. High-quality followers will help boost engagement among real people that might not see your TikTok videos or content otherwise.

If any of your followers come from services that aren’t very careful about how they connect to your account, they’ll eventually be flagged as fake. Once TikTok sees that a follower is a bot, they’ll get removed at some point in time. Until then, you’ll still benefit from the small boost those individual accounts can provide.

The ideal end goal with many TikTok follower websites is to boost yourself past the need for buying more followers, no matter how cheap they are. The algorithm on TikTok will promote your content to more real people who will organically follow you.

Can TikTok ban you if you buy followers or likes?

While it’s a common myth that buying followers or likes on TikTok can lead you to a ban, you won’t end up losing your account. The worst thing that could happen wouldn’t be any disciplinary action from TikTok.

All TikTok can do to hurt the status of your account is remove all the fake followers or bots you might have purchased. If that happens, engagement can dwindle on your content, but it won’t result in you getting banned or having your account or any posts deleted.

How important is having a high follower count on TikTok?

The number itself is the most important thing in the world of TikTok on its own, but the engagement that comes from having a lot of followers is crucial. It’s a tiny difference, but a very important one.

For example, if you have a lot of followers that don’t share or view a majority of your content, then it can be hard for your account to grow naturally. Viral success doesn’t come to many inactive channels for a reason, even if they have a lot of followers from another social media platform.

Are likes or followers more important for success on TikTok?

It’s very hard to determine exactly how important likes are versus how important followers are for any given TikTok account.

In most cases, followers are a better determining factor for how fast your entire account will grow, while likes showcase how well individual posts are performing. It’s not uncommon for heavy-hitting viral videos to have many more likes than the poster has followers.

Both numbers are important as you grow your brand and branch out into more professional opportunities.

How can I make money on TikTok?

There are many ways to make money with your TikTok account, but there isn’t any guarantee that one method will work better for all users.

Some common ways include, but are not limited to: using your TikTok to showcase paid content you can provide on other platforms or through your store; teaming up with a larger brand and sharing different kinds of sponsored posts; getting payouts from TikTok’s Creator Fund.

Having existing content or linking to a support platform like Patreon is very common, and can even go well with other methods of making money.

How long will bought followers last?

How long your bought followers last depends entirely on the service you decide to use to inflate your follower count. Many of the services we’ve listed have prepared for TikTok’s automatic ban process, and make certain that when you buy Tik Tok followers, they are as real as possible.

As long as you stay within the terms and conditions of the website you choose, you can enjoy extra followers for as long as you have a TikTok account. Those TikTok followers will be with you forever, essentially.

Some services use artificial followers or bots, so it’s only a matter of time until TikTok marks them as such and eventually removes them from the platform. While this won’t negatively affect your account in any special way, it will lower your follower count.


We have considered the list of authority and reputed sites offering best Tiktok services to boost your engagement and profile followers. While, In Touch Weekly, Closer Weekly, ITnews Africa, The Portugal News, and Fox13now are the one directing to Social Viral as a best and resourceful service provider.