NJ Diet Reviews: DNA Based Diet Plan Review


There’s never a shortage of new ideas when it comes to weight loss plans. In fact, it seems that diets seem to come in and out of style faster than we can keep up with. Between diets that don’t work, super expensive meal kits, or yo-yo plans that cause steep fluctuations in weight, there’s a never-ending cycle of diet plans and programs. The constant change isn’t just hard on our wallets; it’s hard on our body too.

Thankfully, scientists have discovered a new plan that focuses less on the plan and more on the individual behind the weight loss. These formulations use nutrigenomics to determine your diet, focusing on your genetic makeup to establish the optimal weight loss formulation. Nutrigenomic testing helps individuals struggling to lose weight by highlighting how their body functions at a core level. The diet works on anyone, particularly those struggling with generic diet plans.

One DNA-based diet plan is working to change the relationship people have with their food, starting with a core understanding of their genetic makeup. The NJ diet is a weight loss program that uses nutrigenomics to customize the weight loss program to individuals struggling to lose weight. This comprehensive plan holds substantial success within the medical community, helping participants lose weight on the program and keep it off for good. Before jumping into this popular diet plan, here’s a breakdown of how it works and whether the program delivers everything it promises.

What is a DNA Based Diet Plan?

According to the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction of genes, nutrition, and the influence it holds within the body. These interactions help medical professionals understand the interactions of customized diets and an individual genotype. Using genetic influence, medical professionals create a personalized approach to weight-loss focusing on the individual’s body (instead of a generic catch-all plan).

Testing for these diets depends on the individual program. The DNA-based diet uses multiple types of testing to ensure the most accurate results for its patient. These include 50 different genetic factors directly connected to weight, fitness, and overall health. Hair, blood, saliva, and wellness testing help doctors determine how the body processes the food you eat, including the overall absorption levels. Overall, the medical team evaluates over 2,000 biomarkers before starting the program. The gene variants offer information on viruses, toxins, metals, imbalances, or other digestive issues within the body, customizing your plan to heal the gut and improve absorption levels.

What is the NJ Diet?

The NJ Diet uses genetic testing to provide a customized approach to your medical weight loss. It’s a medically supervised program that offers significant weight loss over 40-days for those struggling to get excess weight off and keep it off for good. Using nutrigenomics, your doctor evaluates your current health, creating a customized approach to weight loss that matches your genetic makeup. This investigation includes a complete genetic profile using hair, blood, and saliva, creating a full profile of your predispositions and biological preferences.

The Scientific Approach to Weight Loss

The NJ Diet is a comprehensive program that uses nutrigenomics to create a weight-loss program. Those interested in the program will meet with an NJ specialist to establish their genetic composition. This breakdown includes extensive testing, using gene variants to determine the plan. Individuals will use bioenergetic balancing scans to look at over 2000 biomarkers, along with hair, blood, and saliva testing. 

Previous medical studies have shown DNA-based diets to be effective, particularly for those struggling to lose weight on other programs. A study by Stanford University put 141 women on four different diets. These included ultra-low-carb diets, low-carb, very low-fat, and a standard government program. After following the program for a year, scientists found that women on programs matching their genetic makeup lost 2.5 times more weight.

Another study completed by Interleukin Genetics followed 34 people. Scientists put half of the participants on a generic diet. In contrast, the others followed a plan according to their genetic profile—those with a genetic plan lost twice as much weight compared to the generic profiles.

How Does the NJ Diet Regimen Work?

The NJ diet works through a 40-day program to help heal your body from the inside out. All participants are closely monitored by medical professionals while on the program, including appointments with the doctor every 10-15 days. Your doctor will closely review your overall health and weight loss to ensure your body is losing fat (not just water weight) while following the program.

Throughout the 40-days, your doctor may adjust to improve your body’s detox and healing process, along with additional changes to increase the weight loss overall. The NJ diet works by calibrating the body for optimal health and nutrition, starting with healing from the inside out. Only when the body has genuinely healed can it lose weight in high quantities.

Once the 40-days have ended, individuals will meet with their doctor to receive a comprehensive review. This review includes a personalized portfolio of your genetic makeup, the optimal calorie intake for your body moving forward, and how to keep the weight off after the program. This plan considers your specific DNA profile, bringing a customized approach to your maintenance plan.

Doctor Supervised

The NJ Diet is a medically supervised program that closely monitors all participants. From the initial consultation to the final discharge, individuals will contact their medical team. Participants will meet with their doctor every ten days, giving personalized guidance for optimal weight loss. This close contact offers complete advice while on the program, holding users accountable for weight loss while ensuring the original plan is still working adequately for the entire duration.

On top of that, individuals will receive contact details for their doctor while following the program. Patients can contact the team if they have any questions, comments, or concerns while on the program. This monitoring ends with the discharge from the program, having medical staff explain the entire genetic makeup and what is needed to keep it functioning at optimal levels.

What Do People & Reviews Say About NJ Diet?

Before subscribing to any diet program, carefully review all components and success rates. For the NJ Diet review, we’ve taken a look at previous testimonials to save you the trouble. The NJ Diet website boasts countless positive reviews from previous customers. These testimonials include photos of individuals before and after the program, complete with significant weight loss while following the plan. The average weight loss exceeds 40 pounds and notable inches lost in the weight and hip area. Virtually every video testimonial notes the highly scientific approach to weight loss while on the program. Many users notice improvements to ongoing or chronic health conditions, increased energy, and improved quality of life.

The reviews of the program don’t end with direct feedback. Many medical communities have noted the success of the NJ diet in dropping large quantities of weight. Medical Daily’s NJ Diet Review reports the diet plan as safe and effective. The website highlights the medical evaluations and monitoring as a significant influence on the program’s weight loss. Finally, Medical Daily notes the ability to keep the weight off successfully thanks to the follow-up monitoring and educational sessions after the program.

Popular website Consumer Health Digest also indicates the NJ Diet is an effective weight-loss method for those struggling to lose weight on generic plans. They suggest genetic testing (complete with biological reactions and regulation) as an influencing factor to the weight loss achieved on the program.

Finally, Fit Healthy Momma goes into complete detail about the program, outlining the planning and breakdown of the genetic influence. Fit Healthy Momma indicates this program is not a “fly-by-night” design; it requires DNA-testing, strong genetic understanding, and medical supervision while on the plan. The website does indicate the program is perfect for those wanting in-person consultations or online appointments (as the NJ Diet does offer both services to participants).  

Most user reviews do indicate high success rates while following the NJ Diet. One limitation noticed by some users was the additional costs of the supplements on the program. Still, most users indicate the expense is worth the weight loss achieved. Many user-run review sites have comprehensive feedback for all patients, meaning the doctors regularly check in to ensure users’ overall satisfaction. Those who appear unhappy with their results are encouraged to follow up with the medical staff for a complimentary follow-up, showcasing high levels of support even after the program.

Is The NJ Diet Right for You?

The NJ Diet is ideal for anyone struggling to lose weight on traditional weight loss programs. The DNA diet uses a genetic profile to establish the overall health and wellbeing of a patient before creating a weight loss plan. By focusing on the biological process instead of a standardized approach, participants are more likely to lose weight and keep it off long term. Unlike other diet programs, the NJ diet helps people keep the weight off after the 40-days through education and information. Participants receive a complete breakdown of their overall health and wellbeing, along with the steps they need to take to keep the weight off permanently.

Medical professionals can safely and effectively help you lose weight permanently by evaluating your genetic profile. If you’ve been struggling with significant weight loss, the NJ diet may be an ideal approach. It focuses on DNA assessment, complete with over 2000 biomarkers to understand how your body processes and functions.

Those interested in the NJ Diet should book a consultation to discuss suitability for the program. While this program may not be ideal for every individual, most people find DNA-based diets highly successful overall. The NJ Diet boasts countless testimonials of previous patients successfully losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Suppose you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off. In that case, the NJ Diet may be a viable weight-loss opportunity (particularly if you have large amounts of weight to lose).


– How much does NJ Diet cost?

As every individual on the program requires customized supplements and plans, the cost can vary significantly. The initial consultation usually is $99, but they frequently offer promotional pricing of $27. Participants on the program must purchase custom meal plans separately at your grocery store.

– Where is the NJ Diet available?

There are many physical locations for the NJ diet throughout the United States. These include New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Illinois. For those outside the physical addresses, online services are available.

– What if there are no physical NJ Diet locations near me?

Online services and appointments are available for those wanting to start the program outside of the physical locations. Appointments are scheduled virtually and still have the same medical supervision and DNA testing as those participants using the in-person sites.

– How much do the supplements cost?

Supplements are personally customized according to your genetic profile, including imbalances and deficiencies. As such, it’s impossible to give accurate pricing for the supplement costs until the genetic profile is established. On average, individuals pay between $900-1200 for the entire program.

– Is NJ Diet Safe?

The NJ diet is a safe and effective weight-loss solution with close medical supervision and ongoing support. The NJ diet offers comprehensive supplements and personalized meal plans for every individual.

– What if I run into an issue while on the NJ Diet program?

All participants receive immediate contact information for their doctor while on the program. You’re encouraged to contact the doctor if you encounter an issue while on the program. This communication includes any questions or concerns you may have while on the program.