Video | Inclusion at Explore Schools: Multi-lingual Learning and Special Populations

Explore post webinar screenshot

Learn about the inclusion of different learners at Explore Schools in the latest Schneps Media webinar.

Explore Schools is a network of eight K through 8 charter schools serving over 1900 students in Brooklyn since 2002. They span across Central Brooklyn serving the Crown Heights, Cararsie, Flatbush and Prospect Heights neighborhoods.

Around 95% of survey families have identified the inclusion efforts of Explore Schools as the reason that they send their kids to those schools. During the webinar, viewers learned about the special programming and multi-lingual supports that set Explore Schools apart.

Panelists for this webinar include Kristin Jefferson, Network Coordinator for Multi-lingual Learner Support Services, and Jarren Kanze, Senior Director of Special Populations.