Knicks, Nets and NBA Free Agency: amRush Sports Podcast Episode 3

amRush Sports podcast

The latest episode of the amRush Sports podcast has Nick Faria (@Nick_Faria1720), Christian Arnold (@C_Arnold01), and Aidan Graham (@AidanGraham95) discuss the impact of NBA Free Agency, and the futures of both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. 

Questions surrounding who is to blame for the Nets fiasco, if the Knicks have done enough to become contenders and true winners of the off-season are all debated on this exciting episode. 

Topics Discussed

  • Impact of Jalen Brunson signing on Knicks and rest of the league?
    • Does this immediately help the Knicks?
    • Where are they in the Eastern Conference?
  • Any update to Kyrie and KD situation?
    • Who is to blame for the fiasco in Brooklyn?
  • NBA Free Agency – Winners and Losers
    • Who wins the Utah Jazz/Minnesota Gobert Trade?

 amRush Sports Podcast: Episode 3

(Recorded on July 6th)

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