Billboard promoting Derek Jeter documentary trolls Red Sox fans outside Fenway

The billboard outside Fenway Park of Randy Wilkins' upcoming documentary about Derek Jeter, entitled "The Captain."
The billboard outside Fenway Park of Randy Wilkins’ upcoming documentary about Derek Jeter, entitled “The Captain.”
Photo by Randy Wilkins

A billboard promoting a new Derek Jeter documentary popped up outside Fenway Park in Boston, taunting Red Sox fans with a reminder of their long-time nemesis. 

ESPN’s new 7-part series entitled “The Captain” will premiere on July 18 during the All-Star break, following the career of the Yankees’ Hall of Famer, and the “the most popular and admired player in baseball,” according to the network. 

“We set out on a journey to discover the man behind the iconic Yankees number 2 jersey,” said the series’ director, Randy Wilkins. “The series gives insight into a hall of fame baseball career, but more importantly, we reveal a person who sits at multiple intersections of American culture. The Captain is a story about race, media, celebrity culture, and the insatiable drive to be the best version of yourself.”

The placement of the billboard, outside of the historic Red Sox ballpark, comes just days before the Bronx Bombers visit Boston for a 4-game series beginning on July 7th. 

Jeter, who played 20 years in pinstripes, recorded 341 hits and 26 homers against the Red Sox throughout his career, including several memorable playoff moments that made him a villain in Massachusetts and a hero in the Bronx. 

Jeter was inducted into the Hall of Fame on the first ballot in the 2020 class of Cooperstown-bound ballplayers. 

Now, Red Sox fans will be forced to remember Jeter’s dominance against the team as they enter Fenway, as the creative marketing team behind the stunt hit a nerve among Boston fans with their advertisement. 

“I love some Red Sox fans saying ‘but we respect Jeter’ like that means anything in this instance,” Wilkins said on Twitter. “Just accept the troll. We’re having fun and they’re all gonna (hate) watch the film anyway.”

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The Yankees currently sit atop the baseball standings with a 58–22 record, while leading the Red Sox by 13 games in the AL East. 

“The Captain” will air on ESPN and ESPN+ on July 7th at 10 p.m. following the Home Run Derby.