Fantasy football: Tiered rankings are useful post-draft, too

Whether you’re prepping for a last-minute fantasy football draft or analyzing trade opportunities, try it out.

Whether you are preparing for a last-minute fantasy football draft or analyzing trade opportunities, using tiered rankings to determine player values can be very helpful.

Champion managers are often those who maximize the number of elite players on their roster at the end of the season. So, you would be wise to continue looking for opportunities to package a collection of lower value players for one higher value player in a trade (while then filling out new roster spots with high upside players in waivers). A list of rankings can be helpful as you explore these types of trade opportunities, but knowing which tier a player belongs in can be even more beneficial.

After all, drafting a solid team is just the first step. Making smart trades, waiver wire acquisitions and starting lineup choices often are even more influential pieces of the puzzle. Good luck in your pursuit of a championship this season!



Separated into tiers


1. LeSean McCoy (RB, Eagles)

2. Jamaal Charles (RB, Chiefs)

3. Adrian Peterson (RB, Vikings)

4. Matt Forte (RB, Bears)

5. Eddie Lacy (RB, Packers)


6. Jimmy Graham (TE, Saints)

7. Calvin Johnson (WR, Lions)


8. DeMarco Murray (RB, Cowboys)

9. Dez Bryant (WR, Cowboys)

10. Demaryius Thomas (WR, Broncos)

11. Marshawn Lynch (RB, Seahawks)

12. Montee Ball (RB, Broncos)

13. Rob Gronkowski (TE, Patriots)

14. Doug Martin (RB, Bucs)

15. A.J. Green (WR, Bengals)

16. Julio Jones (WR, Falcons)

17. Arian Foster (RB, Texans)

18. Peyton Manning (QB, Broncos)


19. C.J. Spiller (RB, Bills)

20. Giovani Bernard (RB, Bengals)

21. Le’Veon Bell (RB, Steelers)

22. Zac Stacy (RB, Rams)

23. Julius Thomas (TE, Broncos)

24. Brandon Marshall (WR, Bears)

25. Drew Brees (QB, Saints)

26. Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)


27. Alfred Morris (RB, Redskins)

28. Alshon Jeffery (WR, Bears)

29. Jordy Nelson (WR, Packers)

30. Andre Ellington (RB, Cardinals)

31. Antonio Brown (WR, Steelers)

32. Randall Cobb (WR, Packers)


33. Ryan Mathews (RB, Chargers)

34. Toby Gerhart (RB, Jaguars)

35. Reggie Bush (RB, Lions)

36. Rashad Jennings (RB, Giants)

37. Frank Gore (RB, 49ers)

38. Ben Tate (RB, Browns)

39. Keenan Allen (WR, Chargers)

40. Vincent Jackson (WR, Bucs)


41. Ray Rice (RB, Ravens)

42. Shane Vereen (RB, Patriots)

43. Jordan Cameron (TE, Browns)

44. Roddy White (WR, Falcons)

45. Andre Johnson (WR, Texans)

46. Victor Cruz (WR, Giants)

47. Joique Bell (RB, Lions)

48. Andrew Luck (QB, Colts)


49. Larry Fitzgerald (WR, Cardinals)

50. Pierre Garcon (WR, Redskins)

51. Percy Harvin (WR, Seahawks)

52. Michael Floyd (WR, Cardinals)

53. Cordarelle Patterson (WR, Vikings)

54. DeSean Jackson (WR, Redskins)

55. Torrey Smith (WR, Ravens)

56. Wes Welker (WR, Broncos)

57. Marques Colston (WR, Saints)

58. Jeremy Maclin (WR, Eagles)

59. Matthew Stafford (QB, Lions)

60. Bishop Sankey (RB, Titans)

61. Steven Jackson (RB, Falcons)

62. Trent Richardson (RB, Colts)

63. Lamar Miller (RB, Dolphins)

64. Mike Wallace (WR, Dolphins)

65. Michael Crabtree (WR, 49ers)

66. Nick Foles (QB, Eagles)

67. Cam Newton (QB, Panthers)

68. Tony Romo (QB, Cowboys)

69. Robert Griffin III (QB, Redskins)

70. Russell Wilson (QB, Seahawks)

71. Matt Ryan (QB, Falcons)

72. Jay Cutler (QB, Bears)

73. Colin Kaepernick (QB, 49ers)


74. Eric Decker (WR, Jets)

75. Emmanuel Sanders (WR, Broncos)

76. Julian Edelman (WR, Patriots)

77. Chris Johnson (RB, Jets)

78. Tom Brady (QB, Patriots)

79. Jason Witten (TE, Cowboys)

80. Vernon Davis (TE, 49ers)

81. Terrance Williams (WR, Cowboys)

82. T.Y. Hilton (WR, Colts)

83. Sammy Watkins (WR, Bills)

84. Greg Olsen (TE, Panthers)

85. Dennis Pitta (TE, Ravens)

86. Pierre Thomas (RB, Saints)

87. Fred Jackson (RB, Bills)

88. Maurice Jones-Drew (RB, Raiders)

89. Philip Rivers (QB, Chargers)

90. Reggie Wayne (WR, Colts)

91. Kendall Wright (WR, Titans)

92. Mike Evans (WR, Bucs)

93. Brandin Cooks (WR, Saints)

94. Kelvin Benjamin (WR, Panthers)

95. Rueben Randle (WR, Giants)

96. Justin Hunter (WR, Titans)

97. Stevan Ridley (RB, Patriots)

98. Bernard Pierce (RB, Ravens)

99. Zach Ertz (TE, Eagles)

100. Jordan Reed (TE, Redskins)

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