Jets Fan Guide Week 11: Gang Green needs major help to save playoff hopes

Jets fan guide Week 11
New York Jets cornerback Bryce Hall celebrates after scoring on a fumble recovery against the Denver Broncos during the second half of an NFL football game Sunday, Oct. 8, 2023, in Denver. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)

Somehow, someway, the New York Jets are still very much alive in the race for the AFC Playoffs – they just need some help.

At 4-5, New York needs a few teams to lose in Week 11 to be back in the hunt for the playoffs while also taking care of business in their win column. A victory in Buffalo won’t come easy, but it would be the first step in helping the Jets show they can stay afloat as the potential return of Aaron Rodgers grows. 

How much help would Gang Green need to get back in a tough AFC race? We break down who fans should be rooting for in Week 11 today (and tomorrow).

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills


Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

The Browns and Jets face off later this year. The more losses Cleveland has before that time, the better it is for the Jets to stay in the thick of the playoff race. Better for Pittsburgh to win this round.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Houston Texans

What the Texans have done in 2023 should be studied by other struggling teams trying to get themselves out of their rut. At 5-4, Houston is vying for a playoff berth. That needs to end for New York to end their playoff drought. The Cardinals, thanks to Kyler Murray, should make a few games interesting the rest of the way. Fans need an Arizona win here. 

Las Vegas Raiders vs. Miami Dolphins

The Jets are a win in Buffalo and a Raider victory against Miami away from playing for first place in the AFC East heading into December. While a Dolphins win could set the Jets up with a chance to get back into the wild card race as a whole, the first goal should be to clinch the division. Somehow, that is still not out of reach. 

Until it is, Miami would need to lose. 

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Green Bay Packers 

It’s crazy to think that, even though the Chargers and Raiders have recently beaten New York, the Jets could vault them in the standings with a win or tie in the standings this week. While the Dolphins should be expected to win against the Raiders, it would be quite the upset if the Packers beat the Chargers. 

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs

A reminder that the strength of victory is a measure used for tiebreaking scenarios. The more the Eagles win, the better it becomes for the Jets because it balloons their SOV to be among the best in the AFC

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