Rangers’ K’Andre Miller has life-changing encounter with family in 2022 Da Beauty League

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K'Andre Miller changes a boys life
Amanda Kegley

K’Andre Miller has been a New York Ranger for two seasons. 

At only 22 years old, the defenseman has been a lightning rod of positivity for the Rangers since being called up. 

It’s easy for a young, budding hockey star to get caught up in all the attention that is brought. But character is who you are when no one is looking and Miller’s character was on full display this past week.

K’Andre Miller and the Kegley Family

While attending the Da Beauty League on Wednesday, Miller met one family and changed a boy’s life without the cameras on him. The Kegley family went to go watch the game and get autographs from some of the professional hockey players currently participating in the annual summer league held out in Minnesota. 

Miles Kegley, the middle child of Amanda Kegley went with his older sister to get autographs from some players. Miles is autistic and has trouble going to hockey games or being in large crowds, but Miles is always looking to be included.

When he joined his sister to get some autographs, he got to speak to Miller and his life ended up changing forever.

“K’Andre is awesome. He’s a genuinely good guy. He’s always so good with the kids. Miles is shy but he got Miles to smile, and ask for his autograph.” Amanda Kegley said. “He just stopped and gave Miles all the time he wanted. It wasn’t even that long but to Miles, it was a million years. He has not stopped talking about it since we got back.”

Since Amanda’s Twitter post about the event went viral, her children have been excited about the popularity that has come with that and the young NHL defenseman also responded to Amanda’s post with another nice response. And Miller’s actions last week may have even helped the Rangers gain a few more fans.

“He asked ‘when are we going to New York so I can go to a Rangers game?'” Amanda said. “K’Andre is the best. He’s the only player I am ever going to like so I’m sure we’ll start paying more attention to the Rangers more.”

K’Andre also helped Miles’ older sister in making a video for her Ranger fans. The unique and personalized player/fan interaction is a big reason for the positivity around Da Beauty League. And Amanda was blown away about how comfortable the defenseman made her son feel.

“He was just great. He didn’t even hesitate to talk to Miles and he just made him extremely comfortable and that doesn’t always happen. Miles can get pretty nervous but he made him feel comfortable.” Amanda added. 

It’s without a doubt that the Kegley family’s small discussion with Miller has altered their life forever. It also changed Miles’ thought process about visiting New York. In the past, Miles’ mother explained, Miles would have never have imagined going to the Big Apple. 

“He knows New York is huge,” Amanda explained. “But when K’Andre even commented on my post, he thinks it’ll be just smooth sailing and head over to MSG and we’ll be fine.”

Miller’s impact on the Kegley family has been massive. It also highlights the character of Miller and the type of person he is. As Miller continues to grow in New York, his leadership intangibles and ability to help out any fan is something that will be immensely important as the Rangers continue to grow as a team.

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