Luke Voit says he’s fine despite ‘limping’ into Yankees’ ALDS matchup vs. Rays

MLB: ALDS-Yankees Workouts
Oct 4

“I’ll be fine,” is what Yankees first baseman Luke Voit said on the status of his detail-hushed foot injury on Sunday just a day ahead of Game 1 of the ALDS against Tampa Bay in San Diego.

Whatever the diagnosis on his foot may or may not be, it was severe enough for manager Aaron Boone to sideline Voit in the late stages of the Yankees’ thrilling Game 2 Wild Card victory against the Cleveland Indians, a move he called “very frustrating.”

“Obviously I want to be out there, but again I have to trust what Aaron does and I have a great relationship with him,” he said.

Uncommon to a conventional postseason, the first baseman has had a decent stretch of time between rounds to nurse his ailing foot, getting “a bunch of treatment done” while in southern California.

“It’s nice not having to wear cleats right now,” Voit said, adding that he’s been trekking the postseason bubble mostly in tennis shoes so far. “I haven’t had any pain but I’m sure it will find a way to come back this series.”

Speaking on Voit and their “great relationship,” Boone said “I think he’s shown since he’s been here that [he’s] a gamer… he’s one of those tough, grind-it-out, always wants to be in there [kind of athlete that has continued] to grow as now a more veteran player in this league.”

“Luke loves to compete, I think his passion and love for the game of baseball is something that I appreciate and I think his teammates appreciate.”

Voit did acknowledge that the ramifications of foot injury are obviously visible, but it’s going to take a lot more than that to sideline this Yankee from the ALDS.

“It’s something I’m just going to keep grinding through and you guys have seen me limping and stuff but I’ll be fine,” Voit said.