‘I have no idea’: Mets manager Luis Rojas uncertain of team’s offseason plans

Luis Rojas Mets
Luis Rojas
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Rojas wished everyone well as he signed off for the final time in the 2021 season following his postgame media availability on Sunday as the New York Mets’ campaign officially came to an end.

While telling us to reach out at any time this offseason to talk about the team’s plans, he finished with, “I pray that I’ll be available.”

Rojas, who completed his second year as Mets manager, faces the immediate portions of an offseason that sees him very much on the hot seat after the Mets fell well short of preseason expectations. 

While a resolution about his job status is expected to come rather quickly, the 40-year-old is uncertain of when those conversations with team president Sandy Alderson will start.

“I have no idea,” Rojas said. “Whenever that happens, it’ll happen. We should find out soon.”

For now, Rojas will return to New York to get “things organized” before heading home to his family.

“The first thing that comes to mind is the disappointment of not achieving the goal that we were talking about from the offseason, to spring training, to throughout the season,” Rojas said. “Just disappointing that we didn’t get to where we wanted to.”

Finishing the season eight games under .500 after holding on to first place in the National League East through July is sure to spark a series of changes throughout the Mets’ front office and clubhouse, which made Rojas’ message to his team upon elimination a simple one.

Things could have gone better, but there’s nothing you can do at this point. We just have to move forward.

“I think every year from year to year, you don’t know the offseason plan of the front office… Not only for me but for other players,” Rojas said. “I say just enjoy the time together because this exact group isn’t going to be the same one next year.

“They’re mindful of that and we’ll see what happens… That’s out of everyone’s control in here.”

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