WFAN cancels interview with Paul O’Neill amid Josh Donaldson controversy

Paul O'Neill
Paul O’Neill

Paul O’Neill is a five-time World Series Champion and Yankee great, but even he isn’t immune to the harsh reality that is New York talk radio. Expected to promote his new book “Swing and a Hit” on the Tiki & Tierney show on WFAN, he never made it on.

Brandon Tierney was the one who made the call after the former star and YES Network analyst refused to talk about the latest controversy between White Sox shortstop, Tim Anderson, and Yankees third baseman, Josh Donaldson.

Before the interview started, Tierney and Tiki had discussed the topic for over an hour before Tierney made the call.

“We can’t do the interview if that is the case.’ I said, ‘Please tell Paul, we will navigate this responsibly. We will not belabor it.'” Tierney said. “But I can’t have Paul O’Neill on the show after we spent an hour and 35 minutes talking about Tim Anderson and Josh Donaldson and not ask him about what transpired.

“That sucks. No disrespect to Paul. I love him. Truly, my second all-time favorite Yankee. We have a responsibility to the show.”

Donaldson and Anderson have been in the news over the last few days after Donaldson called  Anderson “Jackie” in reference to Jackie Robinson.

Yankees and White Sox dugouts empty in the 5th inning, after Josh Donaldson's incendiary comments.
Yankees and White Sox dugouts empty in the 5th inning.Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The comment was reportedly made during Saturday’s game early on, but the situation escalated when Donaldson was confronted by other members of the White Sox.

Major League Baseball suspended Donaldson for one game and fined him an undisclosed amount.

For the Yankee great who will have his No. 21 jersey retired this year, however, it appears that his moment to talk about his new book will have to wait.

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