Ranking new food options at Yankee Stadium; Yankees offering endless options for fans in 2024

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Hopefully, you bring your appetite when you head to Yankee Stadium this season because the food options available during Yankees games are endless.

I’m writing this down the left-field line from home plate in the Audi Lounge, barely able to take a full breath because my stomach is so full from the tasting (and this was after my self-imposed two-to-three-bite-per-item rule). I took (more than) one for the team, let’s dive in.

In the savory department, I started with the Sweet Spot Bowl – carne asada steak over rice and black beans with pickled onions and cilantro. It’s well-rounded: a protein, a carb, and a vegetable, like any good meal. I can’t imagine eating a full-fledged meal at a baseball game (I’m well aware of the fact that I’m probably going to be eating my words as we get further into the 162-game-long marathon and the nights drag on).

My favorite part about it was the plantain on the side as I’m partial to a “healthy sweet” after a meal, so this was the most well-rounded meal from the tasting. The steak was chewy and the gravy complemented it gently without being overpowering, so I’m giving it an 8/10. This will be available for fans in section 311.

new food options at Yankee Stadium

The Mac Truck — This was the first food item presented to reporters entering the
Audi Lounge and it’s easily my overall favorite. The cheese was the perfect creamy consistency, the macaroni was soft and there wasn’t too much bacon up top for just enough crunch.

Between every savory dish, I snuck in a bite of the Mac n’ Cheese; it’s a tried and true classic that was delivered perfectly. Not sure how it will fare on a hot summer day, but in the current weather and fall? I’m in line. 9/10 (took off a point because I’m not a bacon fan, purely personal preference). This will be available for fans in section 223.

Mighty Quinn’s Chipotle BBQ Chicken Sandwich —  An 8/10 for me. The chicken was sweet with a twang of kick at the last second, so not excessive for the casual spice consumer. It might be my fault for thinking of a burger and not a chicken sandwich, but I wish it had more veggies than dill pickles on it. Other than the chicken and the unsweetened brioche bun (fine, filling but lowkey bland), it was a slightly above-average chicken sandwich.

My immediate takeaway after exactly two bites of it was how filling the sandwich is so beware. This will be available for fans in section 132.

new food options at Yankee Stadium

The 99 Burger — It is the same thing as last year with the wagyu steak and the secret sauce. The change this year is that the stadium isn’t putting a cap on the amount of burgers it sells in a game like it did last year with 99 per game. This will be available for fans in section 107.

Chris Patroni’s meatballs and cheesy bread — The meatballs felt like they were homemade fresh out of my mom’s kitchen, no joke. In my notes, I wrote down in all-caps “solid,” as I took bites one and two of it, and I stand by that. A little heavy on the onions and garlic for my taste, so 8/10.

The cheesy bread though, felt like the thickness of pizza without the tomato sauce. It didn’t feel like a casual, homemade grilled cheese, which was a little off-putting because grilled cheese is comfort food for me. Simply not worth the calories in my opinion. 5/10. This will be available for fans in sections 125 and 310.

For my sweet lovers: Zeppoles – 8/10.

This treat reminded me of the Bay Ridge Feast of Santa Rosalia. The doughy balls in Yankee Stadium were a close second – I felt like I bit a sweet ball of fried bread and felt my heart warm with every bite. The chocolate and strawberry sauces were a bit much for me, I
was perfectly happy with the cannoli cream on the side in addition to the zeppoles themselves.

I went back for additional helpings. This was a nice treat, 9/10. This will be available for fans in section 127.

Blue Bunny Ice Cream – I’m a cookies and cream diehard so that’s the only flavor I tried (there’s only so much I can eat in two hours). At first, I was underwhelmed, but then it grew on me. Perfect ratio of cookies to cream, not too sweet and certainly not a watery consistency.

It will come in clutch during the hotter months for sure. The souvenir helmet will be fun for fans to bring home (I’m bringing mine to my cat). 9/10. This will be available for fans in sections 125 and 318.

Mister Softee – Do you know that scene in Ratatouille where the mean food critic takes that one bite of the dish at the end and is instantly transported to his childhood? That was me when I had a spoonful; I immediately thought of my late grandfather and our afternoons in the children’s playground across from my parent’s apartment.

The ice cream itself was standard, nothing special, and exactly how I remember it from my childhood, but this was the first time that it had the power to bring me to tears. 7/10. This will be available for fans in sections 110, 125, 205, 224, 305, 318 and the Bleachers.

new food options at Yankee Stadium

Bonus: Grand Slam Milkshakes — Call me old fashioned, but I don’t see the milkshakes at a ballgame often so I think this was unconventional. I’m also not one to drink my calories.

Putting that aside, the Butterfinger shake won over my heart. I had to stop myself to save room for the rest of the day. It truly felt like liquified Butterfingers. The Black and White Cookie shake felt too sweet for me so I was perfectly happy to stop after two sips. Overall, 7/10. This will be available for fans in the shake stands in sections 112, 125, and 324.

You can’t forget the beverages!

As I’m writing this, I’m actively coming off a cold so I’m on antibiotics and therefore could not
touch any of the alcohol — beers, mixed drinks, or wines. Thankfully, the gracious
bartender gave me a tasting of the non-alcoholic mix used with alcohol, but not the alcohol itself.

For the “Power Swing Transfusion,” it tasted like a berry-Moscow Mule, immediately sweet and tangy and then the ginger aftertaste kicking in, which I loved. I can definitely see it as a
refreshing beverage in a hot summer game.

If I wasn’t reporting, I could easily see myself buying one of these mixed drinks to sip on throughout a game. 9/10 for me.

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