Countdown clocks will come to 36 lettered line stations next year

The MTA will begin adding countdown clocks along some lettered lines next year, officials said Monday.

The popular feature will be added to 36 stations on the B and D lines in the Bronx, as well as the D and N lines in Brooklyn.

Officials will also add a system to 53 stops on those lines that will share information with riders through both audio and screens, but it won’t have real time-based information.

The stations that will get upgrades will be along the stretch of stations from 9th Avenue to Stillwell Avenue on the D line; 8th Avenue to Stillwell Avenue on the N; and between 145th and 205th Street on the B and D.

The MTA began using countdown clocks in 2007 on the L line, which has the most modern signal system in the transit system. They have since been placed on the numbered lines throughout the city, which has had its signal system upgraded so it can share real-time information.