MTA reorganization could save $530M a year, cut 2,700 jobs and more

The plan, approved by the MTA board on Wednesday, is undergoing a 90-day review process.

The MTA is full of improvement plans — the Subway Action Plan, Bus Action Plan and the Fast Forward plan, to name a few — and now there’s a plan to revitalize the beleaguered transit authority from within.

The MTA board on Wednesday voted in favor of the so-called Transformation Plan, which would reorganize the state-run entity in an effort to minimize its massive budget gap and reduce bureaucracy.

While transit advocates and elected officials alike have been calling for a reorganization of the MTA, some are now expressing concerns that the plan was put together too quickly to be effective.

One MTA board member, however, suggested that the plan that was approved on Wednesday is malleable — subject to change over the next 90 days of review.

While the MTA hammers out the details, here’s a look at the plan, by the numbers.

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