NYC Ferry boats named by city students include ‘Rainbow Cruise,’ ‘Seas the Day’

In keeping with last year’s tradition, city schoolchildren were tapped to name the next round of NYC Ferry boats — and the results, once again, were right on the money.

“The Ocean Queen Rockstar,” “Seas the Day,” and “Rainbow Cruise” are among the ten winning entries in the grade-school contest, where the city accepted names from kids in Brooklyn and Queens classrooms for the upcoming service expansion this summer.

The names rival those penned by their peers last year, which included “Lunchbox” and “Friendship Express.”

“Kids say the coolest things, and for the second year in a row New York City school children are not disappointing,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement. “These are inspired nautical names, ones our new ferry boats will proudly carry.”

The city is currently constructing docks for the two new routes coming online: the Soundview, serving the Bronx, and the Lower East Side route in Manhattan. In all, the administration has offered $335 million to launch NYC Ferry, which includes $30 million in operating costs each year to run the service. It’s also had to spend millions to buy larger vessels after riders were stuck in long lines and packed boats last summer.

Here’s the full list of new names and the school winners:

Seas the Day (P.S.102 The Bayview School)

Unity P.S. 102 (P.S.102 The Bayview School)

Golden Narrows (P.S. 102 Bayview School)

The Ocean Queen Rockstar (P.S. 197 The Ocean School)

Rainbow Cruise (P.S. 330Q)

Starlight (P.S. 112Q Dutch Kills)

The Jewel of The Harbor (P.S. 170 The Ralph A. Fabrizo School)

Spring Mallard (P.S. 148)

The Atlantic Compass (P.S. 270 The Johann Dekalb School)

Traversity (P.S. 29 The John M. Harrigan School)