Here are the best and worst subway stations in Manhattan to surf the web

No surprise: The best stations for wireless were in the relatively posh Fifth Avenue stations.

Anyone who has tried to use wireless on their mobile devices at the city’s subway stations knows it can be wildly inconsistent if it exists at all. Virginia-based Global Wireless Solutions, a self-described “independent benchmarking solutions vendor for the wireless industry,” has released the results of a new survey of wireless servcie — both WiFi and data over cellular networks — in  Manhattan’s stations. 


The best stations for wireless

1. Fifth Ave / 59th St, N/Q/R

2. Fifth Ave / 53rd St, E/M

3. 86th St, 1/2

4. 23rd St, 1/2

5. 49th st, N/Q/R

6. 86th st, A/B/C

7. 50th St, A/C/E

8. 18th St, 1/2

9. 7th St – Seventh Ave, N/Q/R

10. 57th St, F


The worst stations for wireless

1. Lexington Ave / 53rd St, E/M

2. 116th St, A/B/C

3. Fulton St, J/Z

4. 103rd St, A/B/C

5. Cathedral Parkway – 110th St, 1

6. 103rd St, 1

7. 116th St – Columbia University, 1

8. 116th St, 1/2/3

9. Central Park North – 110th St, 2/3

10. Cathedral Parkway – 110th St, A/B/C