Will new double-parking rules fix clogged Manhattan streets this year?

Photo by Mark Hallum

Two changes to the New York City Charter will place higher restrictions on double-parking for delivery trucks in the coming month — something that the city Department of Transportation (DOT) hopes will ease traffic congestion in Manhattan.

Starting March 8, the DOT will enforce restrictions on commercial vehicles double-parked for more than 20 minutes in an expanded prohibited section of Midtown Manhattan, Chelsea and surrounding neighborhoods. Currently, trucks can double park as long as they are not blocking the only lane and have no specific window of time to remain.

Not only that, but the sections of roadway from First to Eighth Avenues between 14th and 60th Streets that prohibit deliveries during daylight hours, 7 a.m to 7 p.m., will be expanded all the way to 12th Avenue, according to DOT.

“The purpose of these rule amendments is to help reduce traffic congestion in the City of New York,” the notice from DOT said.

Also amended in the City Charter was explicit terminology that the drivers of delivery vehicles must be “actively engaged” in loading or unloading in order to meet regulations, and multiple vehicles are no longer allowed for deliveries.


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