Corgis' court: Pups dress in their royal best

By Shaye Weaver

Eight fluffy-as-bread corgis (the queen’s favorite dog breed) thrilled onlookers as they walked the red carpet in costume to celebrate the royal wedding and drum up excitement for Lifetime’s new Harry and Meghan special, “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance.”

A mock-up of Windsor Castle complete with royal family guards sets the stage.

Corgis pose for a family photo in Herald Square.

"Duchess Kate" poses in her feathered hat.


"Prince George" and "Princess Charlotte" in their best.

"Queen Elizabeth II" (standing next to "Prince Charles") may have lost her crown, but she's still royal.

The groom-to-be, "Prince Harry," ready for his big day.

Wearing a tiara, necklace and wedding dress, "Meghan Markle" shines.

The Lil Gremlins, a pair of longhaired Chihuahuas named Cora, left, and Tansy, appeared during intermission.

Corgis dressed as the royal family had a chance to play inside the mini-Windsor Castle.

A woman dressed as Queen Elizabeth made an appearance.