Make a restaurant-style brunch at home! (With help from Williamsburg’s Egg)

Long lines, rumbling stomachs, undercaffeinated personalities — waiting in line for a New York brunch isn’t easy. Combine the two-hour wait for eggs and bacon with pretty much every stereotypical New Yorker and you’ll be ready to chug down several mimosas by the time you finally get a table.

While weekend brunch in NYC is definitely a tradition for the ages, take a break and chill out at home with a restaurant-style brunch in the comfort of your waitlist-free apartment.

Owner George Weld and Chef Evan Hanczor of Williamsburg’s Egg (109 N. 3rd St.) –notorious for weekend lines and their ridiculously yummy Southern dishes– debuted ‘Breakfast: Recipes to Wake up For’ this week, with 200 pages of reasons for New Yorkers to slow down and enjoy their morning meal.

“The most important part of breakfast is knowing how to cook an egg properly,” says Hanczor of his restaurant’s namesake ingredient. “Once you can do that, you can do anything.”

Take a breath, crack an egg and learn to make a restaurant-worthy brunch with no wait, no bill and as much bacon as you can handle.

Melissa Kravitz