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Cronut flavors through the years

After 3 years, the Cronut is still a sensation, and waiting in the line that forms outside Dominique Ansel's SoHo bakery ( is a necessary part of getting your hands on, and your teeth into, the original viral food.

Yes, it's still a "thing."

When Ansel created the doughnut-croissant hybrid, he had an idea it would be a hit. He was right.

The bakery changes the flavor of the Cronut each month, keeping the idea fresh. This month, the flavor is rhubarb brown sugar with lemon thyme sugar. On Saturday, May 14 at the bakery, there will be Cronut specials including surprise free Cronut holes at random times throughout the day, to celebrate.

For the Cronut's third birthday, here are the top 10 most popular flavors, based on how long the lines were as well as anecdotal evidence, with thoughts from Ansel on each.

Rose vanilla, May 2013 (first Cronut flavor)

The first is still the most popular:
Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Kitchen

The first is still the most popular: "The Cronut was originally inspired by Mother's Day, and it was something that we decided to add to the menu in time for Mother's Day in 2013," Ansel said. "It was made with rose and vanilla, and I think it's still the most French of all the flavors we've done over the years."

Lemon maple, June 2013

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Kitchen

"The contrast between the sweetness of the maple sugar and the acidity of the lemon cream was really nice," Ansel said.

Fig mascarpone, September 2013

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"Autumn is my favorite time of year, and this one was a really nice flavor for the start of the season," Ansel said. "For us, this was the first time that we used mascarpone as a cream flavor. I really loved the texture of it."

Salted dulce de leche, November 2014

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Kitchen

"I remember that the line grew super long and traveled down Thompson Street because of this flavor," Ansel said. "Everyone seemed to love this one."

Valrhona chocolate Champagne, December 2013

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"It was our very first Christmas with the Cronut, so this one was a special one for us. We also managed to ship a very small amount all over the country," Ansel said.

Peanut butter rum caramel, January 2014

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"This one was of the more popular flavors over the years, even though I remember that January being a pretty brutal one. I always love peanut butter in desserts, but it was actually one of the only nut-flavored ones we've done. It's still one of my favorites."

Raspberry lychee, February 2014

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"This particular year, it was a polar vortex, but I remember seeing so many people come out and wait in line in the bitter cold," Ansel said. "We always give out hot chocolate and hand warmers to the line when it's cold out, and on Valentine's Day every year, we hand out long-stemmed roses too, though usually it's a lot of guys waiting in line for their girlfriends or wives, so it ends up being me giving roses to them."

Milk and honey with lavender, March 2014

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"People always tell me that this was one of their favorite flavors ever," Ansel said. "We also brought it over to L.A .when we did a pop-up at Barney's at The Grove, and I think there were more than 700 people that showed up in the rain."

Matcha golden pineapple, March 2015

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"This was one of the most polarizing flavors we've done -- there were people who loved it and some others who were really upset that that was the flavor," Ansel said. "It was a strange thing. But that combination of matcha and that sweet caramelized pineapple was delicious."

Burnt vanilla smoked caramel with black sugar, April 2016

Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery

"This was our most recent one from April and a lot of people really loved it," said Ansel. "It tasted like a really complex creme brûlée."


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