If you love a Blizzard (no, not the snowstorm, we're done with those), you're in for some good news: the first ever Manhattan Dairy Queen opens May 29, just in time for Dairy Queen's 75th anniversary. Plus: the first 50 customers will receive a $60 gift card to use toward each "Blizzard of the Month" for the next year.

The Manhattan DQ Grill & Chill is the first ever two-story Dairy Queen and will feature both a food menu and an ice cream menu. There are all the Blizzards you love, the Orange Julius smoothies you remember from childhood and a food menu featuring a burger, chicken strips and even a salad. Yes, the DQ is getting (a little bit) healthy.

There's also a special Blizzard created just for the Manhattan location called Big Apple. It's made with Granny Smith apple pieces in a pie filling, cinnamon and soft serve then topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.

We went behind the scenes and sampled some of what tthe DQ has to offer. (Spoiler: it was tasty, especially the Strawberry Lemonade Orange Julius smoothie.)