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Momofuku Chef 'Ramen-is-Dead' David Chang fries up a 'Ramlet'

The Ramlet

Momofuku Chef Ramen-is-Dead David Chang has a new ramen mash-up for his fans: The Ramlet.

Except this ramen creation lacks an essential ingredient: noodles.

Chang, who has been known to top his uncooked instant noodles with a packet of MSG-heavy soup seasoning (pork stock, freeze dried vegetables and tons of MSG), says in his new Lucky Peach video that the flavoring seemed like "amazing ingredient to season eggs." Basically, because it's salt.

Chang makes The Ramlet using gourmet French omelet techique, soft scrambling the eggs and dusting the finish product with white pepper.

But if ramen is so over, why bother making a Ramlet at all? And without noodles? Come on Chang. You know we all want noodles for breakfast!


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