KillBar in Brooklyn channels Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ tavern scene

KillBar features a series of Tarantino-themed paintings throughout the space.
KillBar features a series of Tarantino-themed paintings throughout the space. Photo Credit: Google Maps

Raise a glass to Quentin Tarantino at this bar.

KillBar, set to open Friday in Williamsburg, pays tribute to the filmmaker’s greatest hits, from the contemporary crime saga “Pulp Fiction” to the World War II-set “Inglourious Basterds” to, of course, “Kill Bill.”

"I’m a huge fan of Quentin’s work and his totally unique artistic direction, so I wanted to celebrate that," says owner Michael Galkovich, who previously ran a 1980s-themed bar on the Lower East Side. "The space, the food and the drinks pay homage to all of Tarantino’s coolest movies."

The movie references begin with the interior design by Mercy Rich: the 40-seat spot features a bar that resembles the tavern scene in “Inglourious Basterds.” Scenes from Tarantino classics will be projected onto KillBar’s white walls, and artist Amar Stewart (best known for his series of paintings depicting NYC rappers as royalty) has created Tarantino-themed paintings exclusively for KillBar.  

Dishes include the Hateful 8 Wings.
Dishes include the Hateful 8 Wings. Photo Credit: Jeff Bachner

The KillBar kitchen is helmed by executive chef Nunn Betta, a former Google kitchen chef who also made a name for herself organizing LGBTQ nightlife events throughout the city.

The menu is boldly flavored comfort food with a Tarantino filmography twist. Items include the Hateful 8 Wings ($8), eight wings doused with one of eight sauces; the vegan Death Proof Chili (named after the horror movie) with ultra-spicy ghost pepper ($13); and Pussy Wagon Tacos (yes, they went there), referencing the bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado seen in “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” which come with a choice of veggies, chicken or shrimp ($13).

Cocktails also reference the director, with names like the Tarantino iced tea ($14) and the signature KillBar Moscow mule ($13). 

Yes, the Royale with Cheese will be served.
Yes, the Royale with Cheese will be served. Photo Credit: Jeff Bachner

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Tarantino-style restaurant without the Royale with Cheese (a nod to “Pulp Fiction”) and Big Kahuna burgers (referenced in multiple films), which will be off-menu specials available during select nights and events, Galkovich said.  

The bar will also host weekly events starting with Movie Mondays, a screening of a different Tarantino film each week, and Trivia Tuesdays. KillBar is located at 82 S. Fourth St. and will be open from noon to 2 a.m. daily.

The bar was inspired by the tavern scene in
The bar was inspired by the tavern scene in “Inglourious Basterds.” Photo Credit: Jeff Bachner

Theme’s the thing

KillBar is the latest in a growing trend of pop culture-themed venues opening around the city.  

"Theme bars are super fun," Galkovich says. "They give people a whole other reason to go out to a bar, beyond alcohol, and are engaging conversation starters."

Here are four more to check out:

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The Factory 380: Opened in January, this new bar and restaurant celebrates Andy Warhol’s art and his forays in New York City’s 1960s-1970s nightlife scene. 380 Third Ave.

Savage Lounge: Walking through Pomona restaurant’s kitchen and down a staircase to reach this newly opened speakeasy mirrors the famous scene in “Goodfellas,” where Henry and Karen make their way into the Copacabana. 8 W. 58th St.

Steamy Hallows: Zach Neil, who opened Beetle House, is bringing this "Harry Potter”-inspired coffee shop to the East Village, complete with gothic-style décor and drinks crafted by baristas dressed in all black. Slated to open in February at an as-yet unannounced location

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