McDonald’s is selling lobster rolls

Is the fast food chain trying to attract classier eaters?

McDonald’s has added a classy touch to their New England menu this summer. For a limited time only customers can forgo the Big Mac and order a summer favorite, the lobster roll. 

Say goodbye to the $15 lobster roll. The sandwich at McDonald’s, made exclusively with North Atlantic lobster claws, legs and knuckles, costs only $7.99 (or $10.99 if you add fries and a drink.)

At 290 calories per roll, this may be the healthiest option on the menu. The Big Mac is 530 calories!

This isn’t the first time the fast food chain has featured this seafood speciality- it was on the menu as the McLobster in 1993 and reestablished again in 2005 as a summer promotion. But due the high prices of this luxurious meat, the item was a bust. 

Thanks to lowering prices around the country, and their use of the claw meat over the more expensive tail meat, McDonald’s has been able to re-add this delicacy to their menu, reports say. 

“It’s a delicious sandwich and we are thrilled to offer this regional favorite at a great value,” McDonald’s spokesperson Nicole Garvey told the Daily News. 


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