Carranza visits Bronx elementary food workers as they prepare grab-and-go meals for students

Photo via Twitter/NYCSchools

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza stopped by P.S. 130 M in the Bronx to thank food service workers handing out grab-and-go meals to students on Monday.

On Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all New York City public schools would be closed at least until April 2 and schools would only be used as food dispensary stations for students for the next week. Teachers will be preparing to transition to online classes. The Department of Education is currently working on equipping the roughly 300,000 New York City public school children without access to internet with iPads from Apple to allow for remote learning. 

“At least it will give some ability for families that need it to have that assurance,”said de Blasio. Meals will be available at the entrances of school starting at 7:30 am to 1:30 p.m. and students are not to eat their meals at school or stay in school buildings for any reason.

According to the Department of Education, students can pick up meals at schools they do not attend if they are closer to home.