When Seth Meyers takes the stage as the new host of "Late Night," the former "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update anchor will complete a total upheaval of NBC's nighttime landscape.

amNewYork spoke with Meyers about his new gig. Here are our 10 biggest takeaways:

1. His show won’t have a sidekick. (But band leader Fred Armisen could turn out to be one)

"When I walk on in the beginning, there won’t be the Steve Higgins, if you will." (Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

2. In high school, Seth would tape “Late Night With David Letterman” then watch it with his pals.

“We would tape the show and all of
“We would tape the show and all of us would watch it in the morning so that we could get to school and talk about the Top 10 list." (Credit: Jamie Squire/ALLSPORT)

3. Seth said he loves working with people who are “funnier than I am.”

"I enjoy sitting next to people who are funnier than I am, so I want to try to make that happen as often as possible." (Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)



4. What says is most scared of doing on his new show is interviewing.

On his first guest, Amy Poehler:
On his first guest, Amy Poehler: "For me, having Poehler out there is such a nice comfort level. Not only is she such a great interview anytime she goes on any of the late night talk shows, but she and I started the show in 2001 together — it will be very fitting to have her at the first show this next chapter." (Credit: Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images)

5. His dream guest is “someone like Hillary Clinton.”

"Someone who is going to have a fairly big impact on this country or certainly has the potential to. People like that would be interesting to talk to." (Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

6. The “Late Night” set “has a really classy, gorgeous look to it.”

"There are some interesting things happening with the desk that I think people will be psyched to see." (Tune in to "Late Night" to see the set.) (Credit: Michael Nagle/Getty Images)

7. It was “heartbreaking” for him to leave “Saturday Night Live.”

"That show’s the reason I moved to this city, that show is where I’ve met some of my closest friends...two weeks from now, I’ll have a sketch idea for an “SNL” sketch and that realization that I have nowhere to put it and it’s going to be heartbreaking." (Credit: NBC/Dana Edelson)

8. The best advice he’s gotten for the new show? Be patient.

"This is a job you need six months to figure out and the worst thing you could do is over course correct based on how the first couple of weeks go." (Credit: Bob Levey/Getty Images)



9. He wants the show to be a combination of “smart and silly.”

"["Late Night"] is an extension of the great time at “SNL,” getting to go to a place where you have all this real estate to fill and you get to surround yourself with a really talented writing staff." (Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

10. He’s a really nice guy and lots of fun to interview.

"I promise that we’ll be done every night by 1:37."

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(Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)