Adele fan’s Leap Day fail at Ireland concert

Oof. We’ll be surprised if this story ends in a happily ever after.

Kicking off her world tour in Northern Ireland Monday — aka Leap Day — Adele, 27, offered female fans at her Belfast concert the opportunity to propose on stage to their other halves and it. got. awkward.

An Adele fan by the name of Hayley courageously took to the stage, where she revealed that she had in fact already proposed to her boyfriend of 10 years, Neil, earlier that day. And his answer was a less-than-exuberant “maybe in a little while.”

Uh …

We get the impression that perhaps Hayley may have been somewhat blinded by love and hope and the fantasy of being “Mrs. Neil” to see that Neil’s answer was more of a dressed up “no.”

If there was one person not having any of it though, it was the “Someone Like You” singer, who proceeded to bring the 11,000-plus crowd at the arena into a chant of “Come on, Neil!”

We feel bad for Neil.

Word is he eventually gave a nod and a yes, though we would understand if the poor fella is too scarred to get married to anyone now.