If you've seen one cooking competition show, you've pretty much seen them all.

"American Grilled," premiering Wednesday on Travel Channel, doesn't offer much in the way of unique concept, but what it does bring to this home cook is an expansion of what I ever considered was possible to throw on the barbecue.

The show has four amateur grillers competing in a three-round elimination contest. The grills are played up here, obviously -- and these grillers dislike gas barbecues even more than I do -- but the real interest comes in the ingredients they have to use.

Beyond steaks and chicken, they're grilling up food I'd never think to grill, like blue crabs and peaches. With the Fourth of July Friday, "American Grilled" is great inspiration for expanding your grilling ingredients.

‘American Grilled’
2.5 stars
Wednesday night at 9 | Travel Channel