An early look at the Star Wars exhibition opening at Dolby SoHo


At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.

As fans across the galaxy await the concluding Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Dolby’s SoHo headquarters is celebrating the 42 years it’s worked with Star Wars and George Lucas through a massive interactive exhibition which opens this afternoon.

It starts out with a walk  through a hallway filled with each episode’s original movie poster, including the very first one from the 1977 “Star Wars”  before it was retitled “A New Hope” (a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one).

Then you reach the first room—the “Experience Room” of Star Wars footage being projected on all four walls with moving sound coming from 31 separate channels of Dolby’s intergalactic surround sound.

That’s just a warmup for what comes next. A chandelier of both red and blue lightsabers help guide you to the studio space’s living room, which is decorated in detail as the ultimate fan cave for Star Wars fans, while looping each film throughout the day.

A closer look also shows exquisite detail to the placement of figurines and movie props that give nods to both the resistance and first order, along with some more classic ones as well.

Then it’s time to head downstairs — that’s where theatrical screening rooms await in addition to another audio lab projecting the many scores that John Williams has done for the lengthy saga. That aural sector of the exhibition is set in the dark where you can sit on a beanbag and envision traveling through hyperspace as you look up at the unique and stellar lighting overhead.

After taking a relaxing mediation that even Master Yoda would envy, then behold specially crafted, wall sized artwork and set photos along with fully sized, red storm troopers that appear so lifelike you think they’re going to ask to see your identification. Don’t worry, you can move along.  

Absent from the artwork: The Star Wars Holiday Special.

After heading back upstairs to the studio’s cafe section, which also features a Keith Haring-eqsue mural of the Star Wars cast, then enter into the “Virtual Forest.” That’s where 18 epic lightsaber duels of the fate are shown on mirroring panels tilted in each visible direction. 

Cookies featuring frosting designs of both Lord Vader and the newest internet sensation, “Baby” Yoda might be available along with other great snacks.

Last but not least is the “Hypno Pod,” this is where you must choose your destiny. You will be offered the chance to either join the light side of the force by wielding a blue lightsaber or be seduced by the dark side and use a Sith-red one for one of the coolest photoshoots there is around.

Which side did this reporter choose?

Remember, the force will be with you. Always. 

 The Star Wars exhibition at Dolby SoHo is open to the public for free starting Friday, Dec. 6 through Sunday, Jan. 5. It’s open Wednesdays through Sundays (except Christmas and New Years Day) from 1 to 8 p.m.